Re-add Legacy of the Void talent

I really liked the old Shadow, and if we got Legacy of the Void as a talent, it might be more fun for me if that play style returned. I know a lot of players that like the new Shadow, so don’t make LotV baseline, but put it back into talents.


I don’t think both playstyles can co-exist in the same spec.
One or the other will be better and that would force players to play one.


Then balance the darn talents (then again, streamers and other such people will use whatever talent they prefer, influencing who chooses LotV)

Could have been a legendary that gave a bunch of stacking haste(and maybe increases your dot damage) during voidform that decayed once it ends. A more balanced version of Mass Hysteria with the dot damage increase as Voidform has a pretty hard cap on how long it lasts. Synergizes with the talent that extends your voidform.

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I’d like to see old Voidform return in some way. It was hands down the most fun I ever had playing shadow. I miss it so much

I’d even settle for it always being worse than current shadow. I’ll sacrifice dps to have a fun spec again


I find it insane that none of the legendaries or conduits enhance shadow’s dots in any way.


You can’t balance that.
You would have 2 completely different playstyles mixed in a single specialization for a class, it’s literally 2 specs baked in 1. You either make one playstyle useless or overpowered.
Imagine having to balance conduits and legendaries around voidform and current spriest iteration at the same time.

If Voidform playstyle returns it should be a totally separated specialization for the class.


My biggest issues with legion and bfa void form were the lack of any decent aoe for m+ and the fact that it was a complete gimp spec in PvP. I’d love for priests to get the Druid treatment, split shadow up into two specs (shadow priest and void priest) like they split feral up into guardian and feral.


I liked BFA shadows aoe more than shadowlands. It’s aoe was in passive cleave and the ability to maintain dots forever, with mind sear woven in, spirits, and void eruptions every minute or so (at least in bfa)

Current shadow’s aoe is worse. Yeah it’s a rotation, but is also consumes the entire spec and reduces us to 2 buttons, while also having the most obnoxious cast requirements ever implemented thanks to searing nightmare. Oh and it’s completely immobile where BFA was not


I don’t play shadow, but haven’t y’all hated voidform since its inception? It’s so weird to see people clamoring for its return now.

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Two words: Void Priest.

I guess if the void priest playstyle comes back it would be baked into a new class.
Probably Necromancer? Maybe not related to Void, same playstyle but with death magic. And instead of insanity as resource it could be anima.

But if you ask me I’m tired and bored of build and spend class designs. I would like to come back to designs like Wrath-MoP, but I’m not too optimistic about it.

No. It has to be voidy. All voidy.

aye, blizzard doesn’t know how to make an interesting class mechanic system. Not unlike ff14 where each class has their own specific style of playing.

Basically, it feels like everyone just went back to mana and combo points or rage bars with their own class theme around it.

I think BW stagger is the only unique one out of all classes right now.

There were always those of us that preferred the legion/BfA VF. But we were drowned out by the majority. Personally, Idk how anyone could look at the 2 and claim what we have now is better, but what do I know.

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It’s nice having the spec actually be playable in PvP, M+ and raid fights with extended downtime.

It’s also very nice having a rotation that’s more complex than a nearly unchanging 3 button priority list, and a resource that actually affects your rotation instead of being so negligible you could hide it completely and perform the same.

Sure, the spec still has issues (too many cooldowns that don’t line up, extremely clunky AoE rotation) but it’s in a far, far better spot now than it was in BfA and the SL alpha. It’s way easier for the devs to balance now, too, which considering Shadow is Priest’s only option for DPSing is a very good thing.


Well I disagree. It feels awful now, imo. Glad you like it, but i think it sucks compared to what we had in legion/BfA

Big agree, it’s great not being awful at everything but raids :face_vomiting:

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How exactly is SL shadow more complex?

You press plague when you have insanity or spam nightmare for AoE. The priority is nearly identical as before

And how does insanity “change the rotation”?
You spend it on plague or nightmare, that’s it. It offers no other interaction with the spec at all

Shadow is a basic builder spender spec now.

How exactly is BFA shadow more complex than SL shadow?

Literally you just braindead spammed your shadow abilities to maintain that bar up… and when it ended you just filled it up again with the same rotation and again braindead spamming the same abilities but with more haste.