RDruid LF raiding guild

Title says it all, Looking to get back into raiding this expac min of 3 days a week. Prefer a EST server/data as I am a east coast player, Adult guild is also a plus. HMU with any questions I don’t care if your horde or alliance. Brillix#11967

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Fresh Fries is a brand new guild on Horde-Emerald Dream. We are a semi-casual group a friends who started up a community in order to start raiding Heroic come Dragonflight. We are planning on only Tuesday/Wednesday night raids, 2-3 hours a day. We are open to newer raiders who are willing to put in the effort needed.

We are mainly looking for Ranged DPS and Healers, but have some space for all roles at the moment.

If interested or want more info, feel free to message me on BNet (iReedMinds#1823) or Discord (iReedMinds#9120).

Hey Brillix,
I think youd be a good fit, would love to chat with you.
Corrupted Intent is a 18+ horde guild on the server Area 52 looking for like minded players to come join us, with an AOTC/Mythic Focus come Dragonflight.

What you should know & expect from us:

  • Current GM has 14 years of experience as a GM, Officers and RL have years of experience as well as Mythic level raiding.
  • We enjoy running Mythic+ keys and pushing them.
  • We are very active in discord
  • We offer events such as Transmog runs, Mount runs, Duel Pvp nights, Trivia nights etc.
  • We believe in open and honest constructive criticism and feedback

Raid Information & Expectations:

  • Raid days and times are Friday & Sat from 7:00pm-10pm EST
  • 80% attendance & punctuality and accountability for raids
  • Willingness to become familiar with the raids if never done them before
  • Discord for raiding
  • Knowledge of your class/if you don’t know something speak up, ask for help, research your class.
  • Knowledge of fights and being prepared (Watching videos, read guides etc), come with consumables, and readiness to do whatever the fight may require.
  • Ability to take constructive criticism.

Looking for Melee & Ranged Dps as well as 1 healer (non evoker), Pally, Druid or Shaman

Any and all players that feel they would be a good fit, should apply whether your role/class is listed or not

Contact information:
Any questions/inquires please reach out via discord, btag or comment
Btag: Aria#13773
Discord: xstarlite#2756

Still looking

Hello Brillix!

I thought maybe you might be a good fit for us so I wanted to drop by and tell you a bit about our little family! We are a progressively-minded AOTC Alliance guild on Stormrage, that’s currently looking for more players to add to our roster for DragonFlight. We raid on Fri-Sat nights from 9:30-12:30 EST. With an optional/Alt raid on thursdays at the same time.
I’m including the link to our guild information for you to check out if you find an interest to do, as we do have other things going on throughout the week and plan to be adding to that soon! If you are interested in learning more about us or have any questions please be sure to contact me! The best way to reach me is on Discord at Byndi#5161. I hope to hear back from you soon and that you have a great night!

Still looking.