Rdruid kind of cranks rn

Your fox.

Everyone contributes. We need newer voices as well as the older crowd that you mentioned.

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What alternate reality did i get spawned into where people think passive rng mechanics are good for the game?

Unreal that you have to give up an active talent to take this passive one.

Im just honnestly amazed at how many people want and/or think that npcs playing the game for them is an ok thing.

read above.

having more globals to play offense instead of sitting in uganda farming hots all game is a good thing



Retealth rake stuns are like 70% of a rdruids offensive game play

U want more offensive gameplay? Just buffing hots will give you more globals to do offensive things, or revert the verdant nerf…

Like its rly not that hard

U want a rotation bot too homie? Lmao

Calm down 10char


They nerfed grove guardians throughput by 20% but you can get like 15 every 2 min, its pretty crazy the synergy with the incarn talent and reforestation, and the 2pc 4pc buff these to do cleave healing too.


I will not tyvm, nice bias post there omitting that grove of the guardians will still be BiS talent in that patch with the rdruid 2set


(2) Set Bonus: You and your Grove Guardian’s Nourishes now heal 2 additional allies within 40 yds at 40% effectiveness.

(4) Set Bonus: Clearcasting now causes your Regrowth to also cast Nourish onto a nearby injured ally at 200% effectiveness, preferring those with your heal over time effects.

People want more bm hunter like mechanics LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


RdRuId MoSt SkIlLfUl HeAlEr lololol

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How come no one mentioned how the treants are apparently not affected by dampening or ms?

Naw prob run nourish based on that set bonus

Because there is zero pvp testing going on. Healer balance is killing participation too. Stupid how we have OP healers for 4-8 weeks at a time.

As a resto druid main I feel like the healers right now are pretty well balanced? Next season it’s going to be a train wreck all over again

normally agree, but not when the rdruid is being a better rsham then rsham with pets healing for it.

Is passive healing the mark of rsham?

Would it make it better if druids instead got a tyr’s clone to passively heal for 45 seconds?

How about a mw statue clone?

MW statue and yulon dragon thing they summon, tyr’s from pally, sham totems, as far as im concerned priest prayer of mending might as well be a npc just another passive set it and forget it button. People just want to hate on druid as always. Treants are just another healer set it and forget it button. Fistweavers are NPCs too imo.

Yeah, the hypocrisy that people are showing to hate on that for druid but be totally okay with all the other practically identical mechanics on other healers is pretty silly.

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Big reach.

prayer of mending goes to the target you are pressing it on, and bounces based on positioning

tyrs is a hard cast spell with an active buff you have to keep up

statue from a mistweaver goes on the target you are pressing soothing mist on

Fistweaving is pretty active high apm too

shammy totems have always done work, and shammy has always needed to be very positional with them, they can even move them now which is a good addition to the game

I dont think a lot of your examples are really set it and forget

however on the other hand druid treants cast their initial heal on your target then just start healing stuff randomly.

the problems with things like mistweavers and other specs in terms of randomness are things like awakening procs for pallys, Misty peaks/Mending, proliferation talent just randomly procing enveloping/healing buff, renewing mist just has a random chance to spread to targets, some of those new disc talents that just randomly procs extra penance

things like deeply rooted elements are pretty problematic too

id rather that new disc spell after they use radiance to just give em the 3 extra bolts every time, rather than 35% of the time.

in sl in a hpally vs hpally matchup, sometimes those awakening procs could really swing games by saving you CDs,

None of those abilities require you to do anything after you press it. Tyrs you would be healing anyway so your keeping it up by just playing the game. Statue heals who you press mist on so what after you put it down it doesn’t require you to do anything else besides play the game as normal. Shammy totems. All of those abilities after you press the button u just play the game as normal. That’s set it and forget it to me.


ur perception is warped,