RDF released early

The ICC Heroic dungeons dropped 232 gear.

heroic ICC dungeons dropped 232 gear. it was their normal versions that dropped 219 I think

Yeah that’s fair, nothing is set in stone. But, they can’t set the requirement much higher since like Zaalg mentioned, they drop 232 gear.

You mean gamma versions of the non-ICC WotLK dungeons, right? Because only the older dungeons will get gamma health tweaks (and a new selectable player buff based on your role). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Cwl5LFAA_g&t=1m49s

That seems to be for other dungeons, pretty sure they announced that the ICC dungeons would have gamma versions but there would be no new mechanics for them.

From everything I’ve seen so far, all they’re doing is adding the gamma loot table on top of the standard loot for the ICC heroics. They aren’t getting gamma versions themselves

^^ what Noxranna said.

I guess we’ll find out for sure sometime this week though, since they said this 5 days ago:

Yeah at this point I don’t really trust anything blizzard says until it’s in game or least on the PTR.

You can trust that it’ll be buggy and broken.


it’s coming in October is my guess im excited
but I’m nervous as i think they’re gonna screw rdf up somehow.
i hope is 10-80 bc i still an waiting upwards to an hour or 2 in wrath dung group and i don’t have time to wait i got work lol

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i was talking about RDF testing on ptr, it’s coming in 10days in the current open PTR, but the RDF won’t come to live server untill the phase4 release which might be end of October or early November.

Here’s the thing. So since you can use it with these Mythics dungeons, that’s going to open up a whole can of toxicity.

People have been saying, ‘RDF is so toxic. People will just randomly kick you and have so much drama.’ Which isn’t true in regards to original RDF in Wrath. For a very simple reason: Heroics were braindead easy. It didn’t matter what your spec was, what your gear was (so long as you hit the very, very basic ilevel requirement). So no one cared.

However, using RDF with these Wrath Classic Mythics are absolutely going to have that level of tryhard min/max toxicity. I can definitely see a lot of drama, and people getting kicked. And the anti-rdf trolls will all say, “See! See how bad RDF is!!”

But the problem won’t be RDF. The problem is these Mythics dungeons that were never meant to work with the system.

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No, that’s too early.

You anti-2weekearlierRDFers don’t know what you’re talking about. There’s no reason not to have 2 week earlier RDF.


JJ + RDF = lay shizzo mah shnizzo oom pizzo

well you know aside from being untested and potentially buggy as ___

Yes because all of the 1000’s of NO RDF or YES RDF would hopefully stop…that’d be my only reason.

I’d really like it. I’m looking forward to dungeon leveling with JJ XP buff. The sooner, the better.

would be xqclpogchamp

Its not even on the PTR yet…

Those tryhards can keep using the lfg tool, then. The tryhards might be the ones getting kicked…lol.