RDF Item level?

Is there any item level requirements for the different difficulties of RDF? I’m curious what the minimum requirements are for Gamma. Thank you

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I remember there being a item level that had to be met to queue heroic rdf when it was current. I don’t know what blizzards plans are. I think the average item level had to be 180 or so.

Current requirement on the PTR is 200, and the disclaimer is that it’s for testing purposes only.

Wouldn’t be surprised to see a 226/232 avg on release.

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If Alpha is 187 and Beta is 200 right now, more than likely Gamma will be 213, assuming they do indeed change it from 200 at all.

I haven’t bothered with a heroic in a long time. Isn’t the ilevel loot 200? I doubt they would make it that you have to queue above the loot ilevel drops. I believe the new dungeons are 232 ilevel so they might have a higher requirement. But I’m pretty sure an average gear score of 3500 was the key to get in all of them (been a long time since wrath and also warmane days).

That’s a bit much. Most ppl don’t have that.

OP asked about Gamma, which drops ToGC 10m gear and tokens for 10m H ToGC gear + Ulduar 25m H off pieces.

And yeah, 226 is probably shooting a bit high.

226 is insanely easy to hit unless you just don’t play. We are finishing up loot pinata tier, and RDF makes gearing very easy as well.

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It’s still a work in progress they picked 200 for now for everything(which is too low for gamma) because there’s free upgrades on the PTR. Presumably each difficulty will have its own ilvl requirement just like back in the day.

I want to say the ICC heroics were something like 220ish ilvl req and since gamma is supposed to be tuned the same…

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I cant see it being higher than 220

From what I’ve seen on ptr there does appear to be a min lockout, but it seems to be a lot lower than what non dungeon finder groups would have demanded. (which is a good thing)

I plan on leveling a new druid and warrior through dungeon and bg questing when it launches and from what experimentation I have done on the ptr even a new character can gear quickly.

I guarantee the requirements will be far lower than what the LFG gatekeepers currently demand.


It would probably be around 219. You cant set it to 232 when it drops 232. At the highest it would be 226, but realistically 219 would be the minimum to get in.

Regular Heroics were 187. ICC ones a bit higher. Forge 200. HoR 220. Not sure on Pit. Somewhere in between probably.


They said it’s going to be higher than the 200 currently on PTR. My guess is somewhere between 210-220. Any higher than that would be ridiculous, considering the gear acquired from it is 232

Ah thank you. That is it. I couldn’t remember what those three were. It’s nuts that people are saying the the ilevel req will be higher than the ilevel of gear drops.

And with H+ in RDF it’ll be even easier to hit.


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