RDF is here ! October 10th

Ready for all those RDF shenanigans?!


Did they make it xserver?


we’re so back, bestie

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Finally i can play the game as intended in Wrath.


What were you doing prior to 3.3 in original Wrath?


Actually i started playing in a BC private server 1 month before they migrate to Wrath. They started at the last patch, so this was my first time playing wrath without RDF, and oh boy how it sucks, but thankfully they are adding it now, i was worried they would never add it.

I mean, I agree and am excited for it.
But RDF wasn’t part of the first half of Wrath so it’s not genuine to say that it’s the intended way.

Yeah, you are right, but since they made many changes, including things that didn’t even exist in wrath, to “improve” the experience, adding RDF, which is wrath original feature, from the start, would be a logical choice.

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Really depends on your perspective I guess, since the original developers are on record saying they wanted an RDF-like system in from the very start of Vanilla

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If we had that actual patch instead of 3.3, the lack of changes that did not exist, et cetera, this might not be such an issue. I am very happy that Blizzard has listened to the players and are implementing this (even though they said they would not). However, they ruined the experience for people that didn’t have the chance to play through this.

If a server was added in late 2009, it would have RDF. Is that not genuine Wrath? Just imagine that’s what we’re playing. Which is how Blizz has run Classic…except for RDF.

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Except that’s not the case.
A server added in late 2009 (assuming you mean after 3.3 release) would have Ulduar, TOGC and ICC already released as soon as the server goes live.

They’ve gated content, but not systems. Every system came early, except one. Guess which. And Blizz said it was never coming to Wrath…which obviously they’ve backtracked on.


Yes and that’s entirely because Brian Birmingham was the lead developer and he didn’t want it. He’s since left so they’re adding it.

But then they were left with the question of
“We didn’t put it in the beginning because of Brian, when would the next best time to add it be? The patch it originally came in.”
You can agree or disagree, but that’s what happened.

And in another post that I was saying that rewards should not be tied to RDF directly but rather the dungeon itself. As the dungeon is the content and RDF is just a system to do the content, lots of people in that thread tried to argue that RDF is content in itself.

You were in that thread against my opinion, though I do not remember if you specifically were trying to say RDF was content and I can’t be bothered to check.

RDF is good.
But there will be time of people refusing to leave and hording dungeon hostage.
There will be times of DPS geared tanks.
There will be times of DPS going afk and doing less damage than tank.
There will be times tank insta leaving when he sees your naked butt.

Get ready :slight_smile:

You get more emblems (one per boss) than the two from queuing random with RDF.

Not sure what this has to do with anything

You said you don’t get rewards from just doing the dungeon.

The bonus is what I was talking about.

You still get the same emblems from doing the dungeon with RDF but then you get 2 extra from RDF. Making RDF better. And then of course there’s RDF exclusive rewards like the Blue Drake mount.

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we say this but i just think they’re just trying to pull subs back in ina big mass like before lol. tho i would laugh so hard if he really did do this and got fired bc he screwed up lol.