RBGS going to be Dead now?

so with the new solo que 8v8 thats pretty much gonna kill the rbg community?

I guess all the kids picked last on the rbg playground cried hard enough and now we have solo ques for rbgs? it was like the last bastion of pvp group stuff.

I guess ion just doesnt get tired of thinking up ways to ruin pvp.


They already have been dead for quite a long while now.

Your trolling is outdated.


no really i do think you can still make your own 1/3/6 2k+ leeet rating disc only groups if u want

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Yeah, with any luck.

Ya the 10s of people are going to be really upset when solo q comes around


RBGs won’t have the massive amounts of Yolos they used to.

So yes, probably gonna be dead if the entire RBG community is like 50 dedicated people

Why are you even upset? Lol You’ve got 244 games played at 1700 rating (hear me out, not trying to insult you). Unless you’re someone who gets hard carried you’ll do considerably better than that in a solo queue lobby because you won’t have as much dead weight holding you back the higher you go.

Back when RBGs were last remotely popular a moderate player could play 20ish games and get their elite set for the season strictly out of LFG because the playerbase wasn’t reduced to either Glad XP players or complete morons. That’s without even considering the extra time it takes to build a decent comp as people drop the group because it takes an hour to get a viable FC. 70% of the RBGs I’ve played in the last few seasons we said screw it and just ran with 7 DPS–sometimes not even viable sitters, while other teams always seemed to be meta. That sucks.

I don’t want to play solo queue, but I do want to play RBGs. If solo queue fixes the annoying wait for unestablished players, then the game would be the better for it. This could have been made unnecessary if they gave seasonal rewards unique to RBGs. Most of my btags give the same reason for not wanting to do them ‘already got Hero in X expansion, no reason to play them anymore.’


rated gameplay was almost as detrimental to pvp as timed mythics are to pve.

thats good to hear!

Probably the hottest take I’ve seen on these forums.

And by hot, I mean brain melting.

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Im not a pve player by any means, but isnt it like globally accepted that M+ was a great thing for the pve scene?