Razorgore Question

I have never seen any adds stay and affect the fight. They all either flee or despawn. There can be some weird bugs in this encounter but have yet to see any with the adds staying to fight.

They are supposed to all flee. Sometimes they don’t. I haven’t tried to replicate it intentionally, but it has happened to me on three ocassions.

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The last 2-3 weeks we usually have 1-2 random wyrmkins stick around and partially tank Razorgore for us during phase 2.

Interesting … so is it safe to say that if any dragonkin do stick around, they won’t aggro the raid and will instead “help” kill Razorgore?

We’ve also had mobs stick around and attack raid members as well, whether or not those people attacked the mobs first to get their agro is hard to say though. They might have initially agro’d/stayed on the raid but Razore pissed them off with his AOE, honestly i’m not too sure.

I see what you’re saying.

The reason I’m curious about all of this is because we’re thinking of trying a strategy where we CC (fear or hibernate) the large majority of dragonkin that spawn (max of 12, I think). Our usual raid comp is very warlock and druid heavy, so it was an idea that was thrown out there.

A friend of mine in another guild was telling me that, in his experience, dragonkin stayed into Phase 2. However, this seemed to contradict what I saw in a recent Classic video where it looked like all adds, including the dragonkin, despawned as Phase 2 began. Hence my questions. :slight_smile:

Perhaps the thing to do is: if some dragonkin stay in Phase 2, keep CC on as many as we can (fears from locks and priests, and the hibernates) until the first fire volley. Hopefully, that would draw aggro off of the locks, druids, priests, etc. (and might even help with DPS on the boss for a short while!).

Razorgore and the Dragonkin don’t share the same “faction” flags, so they are hostile and can have some weird amount of threat to him.

Our guild has too much DPS, so most everything is dead by the time we hit the end of the adds.

Also have adds stick around sometimes on Razorgore. Sometimes they atk the tanks, sometimes razorgore… Last week he even came over and one shot me as a healer before heading to the MT - even though i didn’t touch the orb at all. Go figure.

A similar bug happened with 3 mobs for us this week. They were not CC’d - no reason we can think of that they would stay in the room - but we burned them and then killed Razor.

I wonder if this is a strange, intermittent bug, or was there some hotfix which makes this intentional?

Yes but if your melee cleave them they can get aggro from the dragon kin adds and that could go badly for them.

If you have a lot of druids and hunters you can sleep the dragonkin while the hunters kite the rest. Makes it so easy to beat that boss. Once the eggs are downed, they all run away and you can decimate the boss.

That’s the hope! Unless, of course, they no longer run away, lol.

Has anyone recently downed Razorgore, say within the last day or so, and had all of the remaining adds flee at the start of Phase 2?

The adds “should” be running. On our first attempt after release, the adds stuck around and wiped us. HOWEVER, the adds then killed Razorgore and those of us that didn’t release had access to the loot he dropped. It seems that the fight is weird and buggy right now, but this previous week the adds fled as expected.

Usually they run away. Our raid last night we had 1 add (dragonkin) that stayed in the for the fight. He was cleaved him down.

They actually do run away. There was a bug where they sometimes didn’t. There was a blue post saying they fixed it.

Hi Chuck,

Where is the blue post? I wasn’t able to find it. I assume this is something that was fixed really recently, like today? Because it looks like the bug is still present as of last night.

It was a while back so I had to dig around for it. It’s the February 12th update.

Thank you! It looks like they still have some further fixing to do based on what others have posted above, heh. :slight_smile:

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just fyi, this problem isnt 100% fixed. we had 2 dragonkins hang around this week after all the eggs popped. just a minor annoyance though.