Ray Tracing Issue / Bug - RTX 2070 w/ Newest Driver

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Did this, the option was checked, but RTX wasnt actually turned on. as soon as changed any graphics options, it reverted back to disabled.

Weird it stayed on for me

It was ticked as high when i started the game up, but the actual Raytracing wasn’t active.

hmm because its on for me, this is weird across the board even restart the game multiple times with different settings

This still does not work for me; It’s not turning it on nor is it “saving” as it normally should.

Yeah some people its saving for others its not, im not sure sorry man.

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I have no issues, though the differences are subtle from what I was seeing when I was abling and disabling to spot the differences outside in Kul Tiras on flying over the bow of a ship. The ropes of the rigging actually get shadows and even the lanterns, inside the glass along the edge of the metal separator got shadows. I couldn’t test out more as I keep getting disconnected from the PTR server I’m on and I keep getting annoyed and frustrated with this aspect of the PTR, no stability at all.

Try setting the ini. to “read only” after saving. The client is probably reverting it back to default settings.

So I was able to get the client to set ray tracing to “high” messing with the ini. But nothing seems to have changed in-game. My guess is that the assets are not actually in the ptr build yet.

How to turn on Ray Tracing if your Settings is broken Check out this post.

The differences from what I can see are very subtle and you have to go someplace to see them actually there by enabling and disabling the RT Shadows. Yet, the shadows are there actually.

It does do lighting effects as well too tho. Specifically check out Hanging torches / braziers on walls and look at how the glow looks now.

If you haven’t already, update your windows 10, there were two updates this morning, there is a main update, and then a secondary update for version v2004 listed right below

Start Menu>Settings>Update/Reset>Check for updates>Restart>download v2004(this one takes a little bit)>restart again> done


I updated to Windows 10 Version 1909 and also the Nvidia driver. But i still can’t select the Ray Tracing option.

I9 9900K+2080Ti here.

You need Windows 10 version 2004. 1909 is 6 months behind.


It turned everything ultra black and keeps saying disabled ;/

I just noticed that you need the latest Windows 10 ver 2004. Updating that right now.