Ravenholdt players : Realm transfers to DD Today, 2 p.m EDT

I’ve started reporting them as spam/advertisement, since that’s what they are.


smh grob trolls

Charle post is just information about realm transfer. There is nothing of hostile nor asking for people to transfer to DD.

As for Ithiliell post, I apologize on behalf of It. There is no such thing as “DD needs horde and If you are Alliance go elsewhere”.

DD is fine and Grob is fine.


How long does a transfer take?

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Less then 5 minutes , you just have to empty your mail box and boom there you are

Grobbulus will be able to transfer to three different realms tomorrow. If this had been just information about realm transfer, it would have mentioned all three realms in the title. It’s quite clear this was intended as a DD recruitment thread.

Given it’s a recruitment thread, I think it’s relevant to let people know that DD has a population imbalance so we need Horde transfers, not Alliance.

I honestly didn’t know, I thought it was only DD like the last time.

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Fair enough. You could still change the title to include Anathema and AR if you wanted.

You can have characters on both realms people. Just have a realm of each faction.


If DD was so awesome, these players wouldn’t be begging for us to transfer.

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Good on you and this is the right choice. We need to start reporting these garbage posts for the spam they are.


What a lousy troll.

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Well, DD is the ONLY other US RPPVP server, so yeah, it’s kind of more important and interesting to the people here.

Flagged as spam.

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Can you really flag as spam a announcement relevant to Grobbulus that was originally made by WoW and was brought up on WoW forums as a reminder?

I myself had no idea this was happening tomorrow until I read it here.

If anything those bullying the OP should be “reported”

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Thanks to this thread I now know there is another transfer and it has options, not just one server.

Are people still experiencing queues? I play during prime time and haven’t had a queue in several days. Do we even need transfers still?


I haven’t had a queue in at least a week, maybe two now.

I think its more in prep for layer removal

Is there an actual rivalry between the two servers? Like the rivalry between the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers?

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