Rating for Old Season Gear?

If I recall correctly from TBC, once a new season started the prior season gear became purchaseable with honor without a rating requirement.

Would like to get clarification on that or if rating will still be required? Or, like in WotLK, the rating requirement will be reduced for the old gear.

You can only buy gear that was 2 seasons old with honor.

So for example, s1 was not available for honor until s3.
S2 was not available for honor until s4.

S1/S2 never had a PR requirement so not sure how blizzard plans on handling this since they’re just spinning a wheel to determine what changes to make.

This is correct. During Season 2, there will no longer be a rating requirement to purchase Season 1 gear.


This is ok, but you’re gutting participation. You’re going to have things like you did back then, with the rank one 5’s team not even hitting 2k due to lack of teams queuing. Smart.