Rated solo battleground

As the tittle says, please give us Rated solo or duo queue Battleground, also maybe make rated bg not 10 man but less like a 6 or 7 man, 1 tank 2 healers 3 or 4 dps.
There have been many times i’ve wanted to do rated bg, but finding a group takes too much time plus the queue time, and it’s like 1 loss and half the group leaves, or 1 win and the ones that capped leave, unless you are in a guild group or a serious group, and finding those are not that easy either cause they already have their people.


Solo queue rated bgs without tanks, that way you won’t be fighting an uphill battle when the other team gets a guardian but your team has anything else


i absolutely would love an idea like this


The better solution would be to actually balance tanks for RBGs.


i would love this !. even 1 heal or no tanks. its hard to find a rated group as there is a dps log jam.


Yeah a solo or duo rated queue would be good

I like the idea of rated solo que BGs, but the format has to change away from 10v10. 6 man RBG tournies are already being run by orgs and communities. Problem is the maps right now, and I honestly think FC maps would need to be removed (no I am no saying remove tanks). Or they need to figure out how to make all tanks viable which would take some reworks.

I don’t think they would ever remove tanks from pvp, if they haven’t done it in arenas, it’s less probable they do it in bgs, they could just make it so that the debuff from having the flag, starts way earlier for tanks or for anyone that grabs the flag, or just lower the versa for tanks in pvp, there’s no way they remove tanks in rated bgs, they haven’t done it for arenas no way they do it on bgs.