Rated Epic BG's

We have talked about this before but if we bring it up enough we may get dev attention. We should really have an option for rated epic battlegrounds. It’s a completely different war like style of play with a front line, npc involvement, vehicles ect… It’s an actual war. I know it seems silly to call a game warcraft and have a war game mode lol but bear with me. We really need rated EBG’s


Rated epics would be cool, but the queue times would be insane (assuming they would work like normal rated BGs). Even if they were solo-queueable I think the matchmaking system would have trouble creating equally skilled teams.

That’s never going to happen.


And this is why it will never happen, thanfully.

Ah yes, epic bgs with vehicles.

The pvp version of trying to run Ulduar in wrath with pugs who didn’t know what they were doing for the gauntlet before Flame Leviathan.

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I think so long as both teams had equal healer numbers it could be a lot of fun.


No, you think boosting is bad? lmao this would make it 1000% times worse.

if you don’t want to do it then you don’t have too. More options is better then less options. You can still cue randos but why not at least have the option for rated epics.

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Sorry, But no.

I mean, for RBGers like myself, we are already considered lower in the PvP world compared to Arena players… So I’m down to look down on another bracket.

Solo queue’d we’d have people complain about who they got paired with for teammates since its 40v40… Like epics now you’ll have just toxic banter in chat. If you allow premades, well 40v40 you’re lookin at some major queue times (i don’t think there will be THAT many 40 man premades). Also, it may make groups like RUIN actually have some validity… and we all don’t want that! lol jk

I say do it… We need another bracket full of degenerates.

This idea is as laughable as this comment:

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This game doesnt even have the population for 10v10. Ded game is ded.

Ruin just had bad pug opponents. I’ve defeated them many times with better organization. Rated takes away their beat on pugs advantage.



I would rather they just remove “epic” bgs.

Remove a popular game mode is just a troll comment lol. As the commercial sais. “more is preferrable to less” If you just want to dangle gear over lowbies like a fake tough guy lol then yeah. Smaller groups are better for you, but many of us like big battles with more strategic play. Gear is irrelevant when 20 people attack one person. Strategy and organization play the larger roll then gear score in ebg.

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EBG has the size that leadership/“group actions” make the individual gear/skill become less relevant to the success of the game, which is what all BG should be, and which is what a real-world battlefield be like.

Current RBGs are a bunch of street thug gang fight as in the real world. Where neither individual fighting skills nor group coordination skills can be put to a good test.

So in my opinion, rated games should be either arena or 40v40 ERBG, so two absolutely different types of “battle/fighting” requires different types of skill sets.

Current 10x10 are just meaningless gang fight.


Epic’s are what 40 people, each side? Should never happen, the amount of time to fill groups would be insane. You would spend all day just trying to fill one, then you lose people drop and have to fill again.

10v10 is just fine, but fix the classes so the “meta” isnt so tight.

Give the ability to queue in a raid and fill with pugs whatever the raid is short. Say we have 4 groups of 5, the rest are all pugs who solo q or are other small groups.

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Unlikely, to be honest.