Rate that mog: Rogue Edition

I’m liking my mog currently. newer player without a lot of options currently, but working on it!

Well, you’re just wearing the boosted gear but those swords look awesome with it. 7/10

I have to say i really like your look. The hat really brings it together IMO.

@sneakyvato love the name and mog feels be ish. 9/10

@duskslayer my belt was replaced and for got to mog it. my friend gave me this sword mog yesterday and i waa testing out outlaw not sure if i like outlaw just yet

I like the dark, sinister look but I’m not crazy about your cloak. 8/10

@Aubrey I love the way that black hat goes with the dark outfit. Gives it a very “Dar’khan Drathir” look. 9/10

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Only let down by the headpiece imo,however i love it’s simplicity and how the weapons suit it

6/10. Very elfy and bright

@Eldarwen: Bright and cheery Silvermoon-style mog. Very good effort. 8/10

@Hellsen: Nice looking regal feel, has a high collar and tricorne hat to boot! Amazing. 9/10. (Btw are you a Worgen or Kul’tiran?)

I’m jealous of that mask. Still farming :frowning:

I hate to say this, but your mog is kinda messy. The boots and legs don’t exactly match with the top, and the weapons are mismatched. 6/10

It either matches really well or you’re wearing a set. 7/10

I think it looks pretty nice and it’s unique and not a single set. 9/10

Huh… Interesting. I expected a full warfront set when I looked at your profile pic. It overall looks alright… the blue cloth on the gloves and shoulders seem a little off from the rest of the set and the bare-biceps seems a little strange. The weapons might have looked good if they were more gold than orange. I’ll give it a 6.5/10

For me, I’m making an attempt at a “kinda” dark ranger vibe. Ignore the fire enchant on the right weapon… It won’t go away in the armory but it’s not present in-game.

It’s pretty aight actually - 8/10

Im goin for some experimental type stuff… some kind of armored assassin lurking within stormwind… backstabbing the ladies… :wink:

8/10! Your thumbnail looks like casey Jones, pretty dope! I love it!

You look amazing. It’s perfect. 10/10

I like it! It’s dark and intimidating and the reddish accents pull it together nicely. 10/10!

You definitely look like you belong on pirate ship, YAR 10/10

Hrm, maybe a bestial, primal looking-mog that is the bare minimum? That looks good. But your weapons don’t match, unfortunately … So I’ll give you 8.5/10