Rate that mog: Rogue Edition

Here’s mine. I wanted a swashbuckler look. A charming highway man.

I originally wanted to do a mog based on jarlaxel the dark elf from the forgotten realms books, but I couldn’t find anything I liked.

@aubrey. I like it. It’s really cohesive and looks cool. 9/10

@duskslayer I like yours too, but for some reason the helmet is bothering me. 8/10

Yea, thanks, haven’t mogged it yet. I’ll try to mog when I finish the Vashj’ir questline :slight_smile:

As for yours, can’t rate because its hidden, but from what I see on your pic, looks good!

I’m here to party

Naked blacksmith. I like it 7/10

@Slickrick: Portly, naked man with a simple weapon. What’s there not to like about it? 8/10

@Stälks: Assassin clad in cold grey steel-like armour, as well as icy blue swords. Nice. 8/10

It’s not bad but not super eye-catching. The blue swords would normally look out of place, but they match the void elf. 7.5/10

what a cute thing!! 10/10

Love your look. It’s simple, patriotic, not too flashy… good job! 10/10

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Yours is good. Its simple, black and foreboding. What’s there not to love about a Griftah-wannabe sneaking around? 8.5/10.

As for mine, I unfortunately don’t have any matching brown weapons…

@Duskslayer 8.5/10 A very simple but solid look. Have you considered trying to get the brown Wintersail Saber? They might fit that xmog rather nicely.

If anyone judges me know that both weapons are the blue version of thunderfury thanks to an armory bug half the time they dont show up correctly. Also with the new Worgen look I am going to enjoy this armor look even more.

@Nightrun looks minimal and sharp with a nice Gilnean theme. 9/10

10/10 I love it! Those eyes are gonna give you away in the dark though. :slight_smile:

@Nightrun: Simple, sleek, polished look. Love it. Although isn’t it possible to mog the Thunderfury Hallowed Blade of the Windlord onto both weapons instead of one? 8/10

@Zurafein: Although I would question your weapon choice, the rest of your crimson and silvery armour more than makes up for it. Good effort! 8/10

@Oldawg: Interesting mog. Truly encapsulates a “Dark Iron Dwarf” with the grey armour and fiery weapons. Nice. 9/10

Like I said its an armory bug that both weapons don’t show up as xmogged. They are both the Thunderfury look.

Ah OK, didn’t read it there. :wink:

@duskslayer nice to meet again. your mog looks incomplete or an armory bug the top half goes well with each other but the legs and boots look off color to me. 5/10 if incomplete and 7/10 if its a bugg didnt like the dagger

@Riots good to meet a fellow thieving rogue too! Your mog looks simple and stylish and dark, but the only snag is that the belt doesn’t exactly match and…did you mean to transmog The Kingslayers on both weapons instead of one? But overall its sleek and simple, so I would grade you a 9/10

@Duskslayer I like the look the gear seems like it fits well together. I give you a 8/10

It matches, it looks good and has that ol’ classical feel about it. Hood seems a little off but meh… It’s not part of the set so some “offness” is to be expected. I give it a 8/10

@Sneakyvato: Yours gives off a dark subtle assassin-feel, maybe a different tint for the Kingslayers would match the outfit better. But awesome mog on the whole 9.5/10

@Granner: Your outfit has a regal Gilnean theme to it, but I am wondering if you could find matching appearances for the weapons…because they don’t exactly fit. But anyway this gives an idea of what Worgen Heritage Armour might look like in 8.2.5…so I dig it! 9/10

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