Rate that mog: Rogue Edition



Alliance pride!! ^^^

Im generic! But fear the trout!

It is generic, but it works well. Especially with the fish!


unique but kinna boring. 6/10

Definitely like the gold on black pairing. Good choice. 9/10

Rate ma mog mon :slight_smile:

No, it’s rude to skip people. Don’t you think Sicarii wanted rated?

I love your mog. You look like walking poison. 11/10 good job.

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That troll pirate means business! I feel like maybe a more menacing/metallic belt buckle would for the overall not better? Otherwise it looks great! 9/10 for sure!

Looks good but the hat is off putting and so are a few other things.7/10


Swagtastic. 8/10

its a gnome/10

Yes I’m a gnome. You’re very observant.


Pretty good, everything matches so that’s a therms erp from me.


8/10. Creative. Daggers match well. Only thing I would do differently is find some shoulders that go with it.

Sorry, this is my rogue.

Love it. Good job. 10/10

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Usually change daggers depending on my mood.

Kneel before this deathly assassin of the Scour–Alliance!

Why do I keep getting skipped? 0/10 for all of you :rage:

Nope. I have the original set from Classic :grin: The shoulders aren’t part of the set either.

@Aubrey - Fine, fine. Just that I forgot to see, OK?? Nice, darkish icy assassin look. Daggers compliment well. Eyepatch accentuates overall appearance. Isn’t it the Replica Darkmantle Set? 9/10

@Hads - Rugged leathery look. Not sure about the weapons but a remarkable piece of work. 9/10