Rate that mog: Rogue Edition

Had this mog for a while. Mounted with a white skeletal warhorse feels about right. Daggers have a hidden graphic when sheathed.

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I haven’t seen one like mine.I think it works quite well.

I use my current mog cause I can’t think of another way to use the bycocket without using the bulky tier set.

I don’t really like it. I get that you are going for a plain look but this just has no identity. Just…a dull brownish mog.

7/10 for the effort and for completing the legion mage tower

I like it Dolos. Minimal and uncommon. Reminds me a bit of mine.

Love your look 10/10

@ Aubrey, I like this. Blends in with the shadows while waiting to strike. 9/10

Pew pew pirate 9/10

@Stavros 9/10, I have those daggers and they go really well with the theme you’ve got going on there.

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@rnine 9.0 - i really like it a lot

Classic, simple look. Love those daggers. However, I would put on a black shirt to get rid of the weird gap between your chest piece and bracer/gloves.


p.s. you have my name!

I love my tmog.

These swords be making a serious statement when I be slashing my enemies!

I really like the way your Tmog flows. 10/10 looks really good on you.

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I think I worked on this look playing my undead rogue in Legion. It works pretty good with this Nightborne- I have the full Cataclysm gladiator set, just don’t care for the helm or shoulders.


I have no idea what you are going for, but you are also still leveling so can’t bash you too much.

Hah! I had a gladiator season 11 set on, but when I got 110 I was so happy I switched to broken wine bottle yoga pants for a laugh. I’ll try to clean up my look at 120.

Lol i understand, i usually rock the vengeful set or the bonescyte set but i needed something new.

Daring to be different but a bit bland.


always loved that helm, nice pieces to complement it. not sure about belt. 7/10

9/10. I dig the not so aggressive look.