Rate that mog: Rogue Edition

Yes the green terrorblade is one of the best for Undead Rogue. Good choice! 9/10

Love the death rogue vibe, 9/10

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transmog is nice but flawed with how it compares to your beard. The beard is glorious and i feel like that needs to be the center of your transmog.
Please, change it.
Over all 6/10. not bad… but too tribalistic for a dwarf.


I really love the pants and belt! Plenty of places to hide all sorts of devious goodies.

@Liathissa 9.5/10 - I think the glow on the shoulder is a little off, but the mog is really nice regardless.

Psychøø - 9.98/10

9,10. I really dig it. Looks terrific

10/10, you look like an angry gremlin slasher movie villain or something

You look like a fel rogue but your weapons don’t match that fel vibe

6/10 i like everything but the helm.

@ Yathaes: This user’s public profile is hidden. no idea what to rate you
@ chidori: not entirely sold on the helm either. would be nice to see more purple to bring the boots out more. still cool though 8/10

@Nopockets I feel like I’d see you in a horror film, so being undead the fantasy plays. I’m not personally a fan of minimalist transmogs but you do it well for sure.



8/10 Deadly, wicked, the tabard rocks. Not sold on the gold blade, though. Too sharp a contrast with the dark and purple goodness of the rest. I like it.

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Love the simplicity of it, and I am a sucker for those kinds of hats.


12/10. I’ve never seen a worgen rogue mog that I liked. and I absolutely love what you’ve done with yours.

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7/10 It’s aight.

@Cyanide 9/10 Good looking mog, though the daggers be a little bright.

My pirate attire making use of an old bottle of Jameson.

@ Fogerty 10/10 I hadn’t realized that the uncrowned set looked good on Forsaken :smiley: !

Very cool look. 9/10.