Rares in Old Content

Blizzard for the love of all that is Holy and Shadow - please nerf the absolute crap out of everything that is old content. I’m not talking about past expansion content. I’m talking about current expansion content. Fyrakk’s Disciple - very few people do it, it’s immune to pet taunts (autocast never goes off) and hits hard. Rares in Zaralek Cavern are another great example. Nobody is doing them, and they are difficult to solo. So nerf the hell out of them. 70-80% nerf will buy you a lot of goodwill


Unfortunately this is a symptom of blizzs failed focus on open world content this expac. They thought that they could force open world content to require a group. However the games population is now so low that any forced grouped open world content now has a shelf life of approximately 1 month after release.

Due to this, as a primarily open world player, I can now no longer complete:

  1. World bosses.
  2. Time rifts.
  3. Fyrak assaults.
  4. Cobalt assembly.
  5. The entire Zaralek caverns zone.
  6. The entire Forbidden reach zone.
  7. Dreamsurges.
  8. Any zone primal storms.
  9. The alt time snow event in thaldrazus.
  10. The obsidian citadel.
  11. The dragonscale event.

The only way to fix it is to either rescale everything to be solable or to make the ilvl jump so massive between patches that an open world player can get mythic raid gear from the previous patch quickly or if there wasn’t a raid in the previous patch, then current tier heroic gear via open world.


I agree with what you are saying for the most part. However these

Can totally be done solo and i do so regularly.

(Apart from the dreamsurge boss part, ive never not had enough people there to even try solo)


What class do you play? Because on a mage, you’ll find it a lot harder.


Warlock, priest, and monk.

But i would never ever play a mage as a world content player.
That class needs a tank and a healer with it at all times.


Gotta agree with old mate on this one. Haven’t found any world content that couldn’t be easily done solo.


Not surprising with Mythic+ gear.

Unfortunately for players like me who only participate in open world content, and don’t have your gear, it’s mostly impossible to solo, which is the entire point of OP’s post.


Well if you’re talking about doing it on your druid, then yea…go bear and roll your face on your keyboard.


It sucks being a second class citizen in wow but thems the breaks for me. I can’t change classes either since my mage has all my stuff. I’d buy a class change if I could.

on my hunter I can solo most things right. but it’s still a painfully long process. some of the rares in ZC have a base HP pool of about 15 million hp. and yeah my hunter is well geared. but people on alts who aren’t 430+ would struggle. and yeah you can say “get a group” but the groups are rare to come by these days because few people are down there doing content. If a new/returning person was starting right now and wanted to explore and kill rares in ZC they would have no chance.


Quoting for those that won’t read the finer print. :slight_smile:

I agree OP.


So currently just with world quests (solo varieties) and que content (time walking) you can have a 225-233 ilvl toon without doing any mplus or raiding. So as for a new/returning player what is pushing them into that content? Its not even in the suggested content log anymore as its outdated so they wouldn’t tackle these things anyway. Now you can say well what if they just want too? For that again I would refer you to part 1 of my response do that first.

I think the important question here is: what is the downside of such a nerf?

It would clearly make some people happy and be completely irrelevant to anyone else.


Are you sure this isn’t a server issue? I can still easily find groups to do this stuff all the time…


maybe you can put in a ticket to get blizzard to allow you to group with other players? it seems like a weird bug

Yeah,I’m sure they didn’t fix the mage ability to go invisible either.

By choice to avoid eejits who purposefully troll.

Same. Just today I had no issue getting into a group for Dragonbane Keep.

Downside is absolutely nothing in the terms you mentioned. Only potential downside is they being too soft and making the pet/mount/glyph farm ect harder for people. So I would suggest drop the dmg keep the hp pool.

You mean the mobs would be too soft and therefore dead before someone else could make it there for the kill? Fair call.

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