Rares HP increase


Not sure if anyone has seen this on Twitter yet.

(Rhielle) #2

Yup. It’s in this thread:


1v1 there shouldn’t be that much change.

The bigger change is that the health scales upward as more and more are attacking it, which is what makes them last longer so more players can reach them.

(Akston) #4

Its actually nice knowing if you aren’t already within 10 feet of a rare you have a chance of getting to it before it poofs.

(Scald) #5

Rustfeather still dies in seconds after spawning.


The rares that drop mounts literally die in seconds. So this change is still pretty worthless


Maybe they should have been more spread out and given larger zones. Rare spawns for dungeons use to be a thing too.


Rustfeather is seldom not being waited on by a group of players. I’ve never been at the top of that mountain and not seen 5-10 players camping it. Same with arachnoid harvester.

(Akston) #9

Fortunately there are more rares worth killing than only the rare mount ones.

And of course those will drop fast, there is a raid set up waiting for it. Previously all rares would drop fast, regardless if there was 1…2…20 people. Only having 2 or 3 drop instantly is much better.

(Sy) #10

Seems like a good change. If only they made their abilities one-shot now. :slight_smile:

(Phelios) #11

Rust feather is like the dude who drop the soap in prison.


Blizz is listening and reading. They are responding to feedback. This is a pretty quick change knowing 8.2 just barely launched. I’m glad to see the change. Even 3 seconds is the difference between getting a tag or not.


idk. I feel like they swung the hp scale slider up too far.

they now take way too long to kill if people run in and tag it

I 100% agree a change was needed - they were dying to fast. it just seems like now they’re dying too slowly.


Too long to kill? Good lord pick one. I’d rather a rare take 5 minutes to solo than to not have a chance at loot. Can’t make anyone happy ffs.


The problem is that a lot of players will hit them, double their healthpool, and then just sit there leaving you to kill it. They’re not even waiting for other people, they just want a free kill. I stopped announcing rares and just nuke them now.


I’ve had this happen too. Doesn’t really bother me though.

(Dellexi) #17

Yesterday I saw a rare that initially had ~1 mill HP scale to 14 millions. It is not a bad change but sometimes they get way too much HP.


Perhaps a better solution would be to give rares a proximity area of attack, and the number of players in that area are what the HP scales with. That way those who tag and just sit back aren’t adding additional millions of HP to the mob.


I saw carnivorous lasher hit 21.5M hp and half the taggers were just standing there, stupid.

(Troodrood) #20

What is your definition of “rares worth killing” if you’re expecting mount collectors to give up on those mounts?