Rare Spawns in Zaralek Carvers

I dont get all the rares that spawn in Zaralek Caverns every day. Do they all spawn everyday or is there a cap on it?

The cavern is divided into subzones and which ones have active WQs, events and rares rotates. Most rares will be available at any given time, but there will always be a group missing.

You can only loot them twice a week (once between Tue-Fri and once more between Fri-Mon).

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The activities in a section reset the day after that section goes on cooldown.

So basicly blizz made it so complicated to figure out what the heck is going on, that hardly anyone bothers with it anymore.

They should of just put up a sign which says ‘go away - players not welcome here!’


I gave up on the area. Maybe next big patch will be better.

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I doubt that. The microsoft deal is stuck in the mud and bobbi doesn’t want to play anymore.

It’s not really stuck. It’s gotten approvals in Europe and in China. Usually once approvals start happening, everything else falls in line.

But even without all of that, I think they just can’t help but to step in their own way. It probably feels familiar to them, lol.

I didn’t know the eu approved it now there is only UK and US?

Yeah it seems like so.

Kinda lame, i really enjoyed joining a pug and clearing all of them daily in about 30 minutes for flagstones.

Wish i could buy flagstones with welp and drake crests

So lame. I hate this piecemeal way of handing out stuff. I used to get up in teh morning and all the rares where up. i’d find a group and go around killing them all. Then they decide to nerf it suddenly? What gives? Especially with upgrades costing so many flightstones. And their capped. Aberrus is not an easy raid. But the crests are also capped and we get half a spark weekly? half?

Its like they dont want us to play the game, or theyre playing big bother and limiting our play time.

Welcome to their new bad system.

Not quite. It depends on when those rares sub-zones reset.

So for instance, today Nal Ks’Kol was inactive. So Alcanon and Spinmarrow’s lootpool is resetting and will be available to loot tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Loamm will go dormant and reset, so Monday, Goopal, Kapraku, Klakatak, Kob’rok, and Underlight Queen will be lootable again. And so on.

It’s a very stupid system no one asked for and they need to go back to daily.