Rapid fire was gutted by more than 20%. MATH INSIDE

So, there is math that is not returning in here.

The tooltip used to show 350K damage against the dummy.

If we say that was 140% on PVP, and the nerf is by 20% additive, so from 40% increased to 20% increased.

If we do the math, it should be as follows.

350K / 1.40 = 250K

250 K * 1.20 = 300K

Instead the tooltip is showing 280K. This is a flat out 20% nerf of damage.

This was not the intended number. The skill has been gutted

The intended number was a 20% decrease of the augmentation on pvp. As in the patch notes, instead we got a flat out 20% decrease of damage of the skill…

This further proves my point, that Blizzard sucks at math.

You cant really be that incompetent, this guts the spec… i guess ill be going BM till you fix it… OMG…

You really need to post screenshots when posting stuff like this.

Perhaps the decrease is intentional, but the wording is wrong. It should say damage decreased by 20%, because this was the tuning done in August…

No, its not intentional, and the wording was fine.

It was 100, and a 140 in pvp.

If you say, increased to 20% instead of 40%. It means it should do now 120.

Instead they flat out nerfed the skill by 20%. Thus doing now 112 damage instead of the 120 it should do in pvp combat.

sadly i dont have an screenshot of the old build.

Still they have the data. They did a flat out 20% nerf, instead of 20% less augmentation, one is additive, the other one is multiplicative, stronger nerf

If it was actually supposed to be increase it would say “damage increased by 60% in PVP (was 40%)”

I never said the intention was a buff, it was an intended nerf from 140% to 120%. But they nerfed it to 112% (20% flat out multiplicative nerf, instead of substraction to the augmentation on pvp combat)

Thank goodness you can’t suck at math AND get gud with the Hunter class anyway.