Ranks Haven't updated?

I was wondering about that too. Some are trollish, most aren’t. Truth is hard for some to handle I guess.

At least a Blue has answered the question. And knowing is half the battle.

It is significantly longer. Whatever though, we are honestly just happy a blue finally answered 1 of a million gripes recently. So we got that going for us, which is nice.

Significantly longer would be the next day, not 1 hour.

Maybe fight a more important battle.

It is relative you pigeon, for me, hours longer than previous resets is “significant”. As for important battles, I would be happy to, but they post only once a month so why not hold them accountable for the rare times they do?

Now if only we could get a response to the awful unintended, un-vanilla like AV meta that has demoralized the entire PVP base.

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If posting the weekly rankings was taking much longer than in vanilla, the forums would be swarmed with more complaints, trust me.

The only thing missing is the weekly leaderboards. Most of the first wave of rankers don’t want more competition so no real push for that in Classic.

Don’t be afraid, you can tell us why blizzard doesn’t respond to 24/7 non-stop AV threads for 3 weeks.

I bet you’re the kinda guy that clicks on a portal in AV and wonders what happened.

In a world of easy, you can’t even do the easiest part.


Well, you can also look at it this way, we know the blues are out and about, so eyeballs are seeing the outcry. It’s getting to the level of the Phase 2 drop in here, and that resulted in BGs getting an early release, so who knows?

Personally, if I was a dev I’d give Vanndar and Drek’Thar immunity buffs as long as any of the four warmasters are standing. That way kiting them doesn’t work. You either tank them, down them, and then you can get the boss, or you cap the towers and remove them with game mechanics.

It’s a relatively simple solution that removes pretty much any strategy other than playing the game, or if you’re gonna rush to the end you have a multi-part PvE battle that could be disrupted by the opposing team, but you can still win without any PvP if you want.

Long Tuesday maintenance started before honor and ranks were a thing. Blizzard’s original like was that it had to do with an unforeseen error in the game that had to be reset or it would keep getting worse ala the Matrix.

Says the guy that doesn’t understand English or what an alt might be. GL keeping it in the lines little guy.

me no speako scrubo, correcto