Ranking/pvp RP gains seems to be wrong. (SOM)

Based off of rp gains in the last 2 weeks of SOM rp seem to be identical to the normal rates from classic wow, can blizz touch on this to confirm? If it’s supposed to be half decay it’s not correct.



still waiting for mine to update. Currently Rank 3 at 64%. Where did you end at and get bumped to?

I was standing 3 last week with 11900 RP gain - ended up at rank 4 38%. This week I was standing 3 again and ended up at rank 6 45%. With a pool of 1200 which is roughly the amount on Swamp of Sorrows that means that there is no changes to decay or RP gain.


I was unranked for first week and this week 0 - rank 4 22% with standing 6, first week prog is normal regardless, but guildy was rank 4 38% and progressed to rank 6 45% with standing 3 which does not seem right if there is half decay implemented.

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yea if that is the case, I will be done with SoM. I came back because I wanted to do the PvP climb within a reasonable timeframe. I am not spending 2-3 months do this climb and I dont even want r14

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I’m in the same boat… the fact that there is 1/4 the population and no poolboosting or anything means it will be very hard. As it stands on our server we have 1 Br1 slot.

Yeah 100% I figure its been overlooked or something along those lines so would be good to get a confirmation from blizz about getting it fixed.

same for us, Shadowstrike Horde

if they arent going to fix ranks as well, i have no interest. I pushed 60 and started BGs week 1 and did them all of week 2. Not just losing out on 2 weeks because blizz doesnt know how to do their job


Yeah, this was called out last week but people assumed it was the decay.

They probably forgot to change something in the code on the release. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Hopefully it gets taken care of.


The idea of half decay was baseless, it was infinitely more likely that blizzard didn’t care enough OR wasn’t competent enough to implement these changes. I assumed it was possible that they forgot week 1 and it would be fixed week 2, but I guess I’ll have to wait until my character updates to be 100% sure.


This means that there is 10% decay. It matches with where you should be right now with 10% decay.

These are the max ranks you can get each week with 10% decay:

  • Week 1 = 4
  • Week 2 = 6
  • Week 3 = 9
  • Week 4 = 10
  • Week 5 = 12
  • Week 6 = 14

It seems to be correct to me, assuming 10% decay. To be honest, there aren’t much differences between 10% decay or 20% decay for the first couple of weeks. You won’t notice a difference really until week 3 or 4.

I’ve been saying all along they botched this.

I also broke down their changes demonstrating without question the link between decay and rate factors. The 10% claim has always been baseless (“this sounds like half decay”) wishful thinking from the supporters, I’m sorry but it’s true. You’ll find nothing of substance to say otherwise.


10% decay accomplishes 6 week ranking to R14 and fits the data so far from people ranking.

Your “formula” doesn’t.

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No body has posted there last week and this week to yet?

They have.

No theyve posted their standings. No hard rp numbers here Bob.

They said their progress percentages…

I said rp bob

I told you my RP for lastweek was 11902 this week i assume was almost the same as I was the same standing