Rank the last 6 raids

halondrus is one of my favorite bosses ever
real ones remember when he was broken for a few days lmao

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Lol sod has to be lst.

Fatescribe is a bad boss

Sylv is even worse though with p2 and p1 being so boring and long only to mess up p3 and have to sit through it all again. One person dying would perhaps require a wipe. Absolutely terrible.

I mostly quit raiding in SL. No time these days for thst stuff

Didn’t do much this time around.

I reserve my judgment.
wiggles toes

vault was great but i grew to really dislike spider and dathea
sepulcher i remember most fondly
didnt do nathria when it was current but has some great bosses
aberrus was unremarkable tbh. not terrible not great
sanctum has some really good bosses but i dislike sylv and the entire raid is too long imo

i like amirdrassil a lot but idk where it fits in the rank

What trinket in Amirdrassil is ‘worthless’?

Volcoross, Igara

  1. Castle Nathria first by a landslide. Great fights but most notably they stuck to a fun and popular theme all the way through, I could run that place a million times and not be bored of it.

  2. Vault simple but effective, great final fight.

  3. Sepulcher third because of a few REALLY fun fight, the raid was too long though.

  4. Aberrus was decent overall.

  5. Amirdrassil is too simple and one dimensional.

  6. Sanctum I disliked the theme, vibe, music, environment, and I didnt click with any of the fights except maybe one.

From a tank/melee dps perspective

  1. Castle Nathria -
    The aesthetics and different boss fight mechanics were fun. Each wing had something unique and fun to look forward to. The ballroom dance, Daddy Denthrius, and Xymox were my favorites.

  2. Vault of The Incarnates -
    This raid had some fun and challenging fights. There was a real sense of progression for my raid group. Razageth was what I look for in a villain and an end boss. Present throughout the campaign, a villain who was not 1-note, and an end boss fight that I’ll remember for the rest of my WoW playing days.

  3. Sepulcher of the First Ones -
    The raid had too much trash, but the aesthetic was very unique. Halondros was such a fun and unique fight. Xymox was a lot of fun too.

  4. Sanctum of Domination -
    I loved the aesthetic and that the hardest boss in the raid was the bridge in phase 2 of Sylvanas. I hated Fatescribe and I hope they never do a fight like that again. The Gems were obnoxious and I hope the devs don’t do that again.

  5. Amirdrassil -
    The fights were mostly fun. The boss difficulty was all over the place with bosses like Volocross being a snorefest and then Larodar being very difficult during progression. I disliked the temple aesthetic and wish they did something like Sunwell Plateau with more outdoor sections.

  6. Aberrus
    This raid was too easy and I hope Blizz never makes something like this again. Fantastic cosmetics though.

Coil and Bandolier both sim pretty high up the ladder for specs that can use them so not sure what you mean

I don’t raid Mythic, so my perspective is based on Heroic raiding. For me, I would order them as follows:

  1. Castle Nathria
  2. Vault of Incarnates
  3. Sepulcher of the First Ones
  4. Amidrassil
  5. Aberrus
  6. Sanctum of Domination
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  1. Nathria
  2. Sepulcher
  3. Sanctum
  4. Vault
  5. Aberrus
  6. Amirdrassil
  1. Nathria
  2. Vault (first raid with my new guild and it was awesome fun)
  3. Aberrus
  4. Amirdrassil
    5/6 the others.

I can’t really rate the other SL raids other than Nathria because I left and when I came back I never got around to doing them outside of LFR. And in there they were nothing special for me.

But Nathria was epic

Sanctum and Sepulcher are two of my all time favorite raids. Aberrus and Amirdrasil were pretty mid. And I couldn’t stand CN so much I took a break half way through progression and didn’t come back til 9.1