Rank the last 6 raids

  1. Castle Nathria
    Awesome fights, tough early bosses, great theme
  2. Sepulcher of the First Ones
    Great Zone, lots of different fights, Jailer was a poorly written character but an awesome looking Vilian
  3. Vault of Incarnates
    Razageth may be my favorite fight of all time, dathea was crazy as a tank
  4. Sanctum of Domination
    The gems were a big letdown, raid was really stretched out, fatesmith was a pug nightmare, sylvanas was awesome but too long of a fight.
  5. Aberrus
    Some good fights in here like Sarkareth, Zskarn and Leap man, overall raid just hated a few too many fights namely the first 3.
  6. Amidrassil
    Recency bias perhaps, Not enough rings drop in the raid, a few trinkets that are just completely worthless. Every tough fight feels mechanically crowded even on heroic
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I feel like Sanctum of Domination is definitely last, but there are a few that could tie for best. IMO Castle Nathria is the best one.

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Amirdrassil was pretty meh on heroic I’ll give that. Fyrakk wasn’t good enough on heroic. And Tindral heroic feels like LFR compared to mythic.

From first to last?

  1. Castle Nathria :star:
    Daddy Denath, cool theme. Mechanics were crazy on some fights like Sludgefist. (Disclaimer I did fated only).

  2. Vault of the Incarnates;
    Super cool themes and areas. The spider climb, the design of the place in general was pretty good.
    Raza fight as a Protection Warrior leading the platform charge just felt incredibly empowering as a player.

  3. Sanctum of Domination;
    I feel this raid represented the threat of the Shadowlands way better than Sepulcher of the first ones. Sylvanas taunting us and the big bads of the Maw and the past. A ton of throwbacks too; Kelthuzad, Garrosh and Nerzhul.

  4. Amirdrassil;
    Fyrakk’s buildup from 10.1 has been pretty convincing to me and him being able to channel a purpose into the disenfranchised nature folk (or force them…). Has some of the best comeback lines I feel in the last fight. Some parts like Nimue and other felt weird to me, I know they wanted diversity of mechanics and not everything to be fire but yeah.

  5. Abberus;
    Too much flame and it felt the fights were too bland. Really liked the final and the Neltharion fight though.

  6. The Sepulcher of the First Ones
    You know a raids bad when it was so not memorable that you need to google its name. Jailor fight was cool and so was the Dreadlords. Rest felt mechanical and might just be me not vibing with the theme of Zerith Mortis. It all felt like a lead up to Pelagos finding a purpose and then he looks like a dweeb as the arbiter

castle nathria - 9

8 of those points is the castle nathria plate set

i dodnt play sanctum (was playing ff14)

i didnt play sepulcher

i didnt play vault

aberrus 7/10 6 of those points is for the class sets

the green raid amirdassil … 4/10 2 of those points is some of the class sets and 2 for the soulcleaver

  • Castle Nathria
    7/10 Decent theme, about half the fights were good but it seemed like there were a lot of fights I either didn’t care about at all or that were annoying.
  • Sepulcher of the First Ones
    1/10 Hated the lore, the theme, and the boss fights. Easily my least favorite raid of all time.
  • Vault of Incarnates
    6.5/10 Decent theme, had some good fights with a couple of irritating ones.
  • Sanctum of Domination
    10/10 Great theme and I loved all the fights. easily one of my top 5 favorites of all time.
  • Aberrus
    7/10 Theme was whatever. There were some great fights but I hate Sark with a passion, that boss alone drops the rating by a full point and I should probably drop it even further by how much that boss made me want to not log in on raid nights.
  • Amidrassil
    9.5/10 Love the theme as a druid and I like that its consistent throughout the entire raid. The fights are mostly good. Getting people to learn Smold and how to drop lines on Frank was a bit irritating.


CN is so far ahead of the other raids it’s not even funny.

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I can only do three as I stepped away from World of Warcraft during Shadowlands.

Amirdrassil is my favorite - though the fights are mainly one phase with an intermission - only because no trash between the last three bosses.

Nathria was probably the only onyi really liked as a whole.

Raz fight was fun.

Rest I could take or leave.

  1. Amidrassil
  2. Aberrus
  3. Vault of the Incarnates
  4. Castle Nathria
  5. Sanctrum
  6. Sepulcher

I felt that every SLs raid had too many insta-wipe/insta-death mechanics that often made progressing overly tedious. There were also far too many lengthy fights.

The DF raids have been better designed in those aspects, at least on normal and heroic difficulties.

Then again, I could be biased because my raid has gotten AOTC in all 3 of the DF raids, but I don’t think we got it a single time in SLs.

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My list would be:

  1. Castle Nathria
  2. Vault of the Incarnates
  3. Amirdirissal
  4. SotFO
  5. Aberrus
  6. Sanctum of Domination


Sanctum was hot trash. Nath is overhyped because of vamp daddy.

CN has to loose points because SLG existed.

Maybe for mythic, for heroic it wasn’t awful

As a heroic raider


  1. Amirdrassil
  2. Sepulcher
  3. Vault
  4. Aberrus
  5. CN
  6. Sanctum

Best fight from each:

  1. Painsmith
  2. Crab boss
  3. Sludgefist
  4. Smolderon
  5. Sark
  6. Raz

Honestly, I enjoyed the Sepulcher! The Crab Boss everyone hated was the most fun I’ve had since N’zoth. You had to be on your toes constantly, you couldn’t break. It was tense, it was great, it was a long bossfight! I hate that they decreased the difficulty in LFR!
Man, I miss Race to World Firsts’ which went on for almost a month. Aberrus was cleared in like a DAY A week or less!

Sanctum was great for RWF because it had like three bosses that would be considered CE level in basically any other raid in terms of complexity and tuning.

Which was cool to watch but absolutely miserable to play in. Easily the worst difficulty curve of any Mythic Raid.

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With the exception of Nathria, which I didn’t even get to finish because my guild died, I haven’t really like any of the raids. The step up from heroic is becoming more and more of a brick wall, and trying to keep a roster together with a region wide pool of like 30k players nearing 100% employment is an exercise in frustration.

TBH I think Dragonflight raid tuning/design was definitely a step in the right direction after Shadowlands.

Sanctum/Sepulcher felt like the fight designers were in a competition to one-up themselves with the most convoluted fight they could possibly design. Even just Heroic Sylvanas was a miserable experience. Did you know there wasn’t a single kill under 9 minutes?

Miserable boss.

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Yeah. Bosses are (thankfully) not quite 15 minutes anymore, but they are crazy difficult.