Ranged RETs

Why is this even a thing? Who thought it was a good idea to give an OP melee spec OP ranged goodies?


deep breath

“Shut up mage™”


you are a mage …

You wished you could make me and mages are sposed to be ranged. RET is melee.

You are correct. Whats your point? RETs are melee and not sposed to be ranged.
Mages are ranged and always have been. RET shouldnt have ranged toys

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Kite them and spellsteal

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So we can agree that they are a ranged spec now and when people are trying to tally what’s OP in the annoying “caster vs melee” discourse, then all the casters will have to be saddled with ret.


Ret can throw one boj two judgements one divine toll that is 5 holy power in a 1v1 in the AB roads. Nice he got 5 hp to hit you once with a finisher that wont tickle your shield. Ret is not a ranged spec it needs to melee to generate holy power but it can hit you from range sometimes. Also its never been easier to beat ret since you just spell steal freedom and he will never get to touch you.


i wanna talent for mage that lets them do equivalent dps as melee upclose with their stave.

Is nothing new; Rets were able to do that back in Cata. Even UHDKs can.

Make Exorcism Great Again!

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Because ret’s are known for having the worst mobility in the game closely contested by dk’s.

With how every other class in the game seems to get faster and faster every single xpac we needed something otherwise we would literally never touch a caster or a rogue

blizz lost the plot on that one for sure ret is beyond broken atm every ability does at least 100-200k dmg plus they can sit in a bubble and body u

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Priest would like to have a word with you.


You can throw HoW during wings.

It’s really not that bad as you’re making it out to be. Ret can absolutely good damage from a 30 yard range.

HoW with naked wings autocrit and tierset fully pvp scaled hits for 65-75k so you throw 2 hammers and then what its gonna tickle a 650k hp character with versatility shields self sustain defensives and such. You make it out as if ret csn global someone from 20yds and that is not possible.

I didn’t make it out to be that at all. I never said they were globaling people. I said they could do good damage from range. You’re mischaracterizing Ret as the wheelchair class when that has not been true since the rework.

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Most people got used to that abomination of legion-SL ret that was a slow, squishy, spec that relied on being in melee range.

Cata-WOD we could run around players throwing out spells and only having to enter combat for holy power build up. The recent rework just made us closer to the old ret, without the high mobility, instead opting for more defensives.

That being said the issue is that divine shield has no drawbacks like it used to prior to legion ret, and our utility since the rework has gotten major buffs that make us extremely powerful in team settings.

I love HoW. I have won so many close calls just from that. Great finisher/execute.

I got hit for a Ray of Frost that deleted me with a 150k per tick while rooted. What issues are you having…?

I mean yes first time in idk how many years, thanks to tier set HoW is “good” not even that great. We are losing tier set so How is going back to tickling people