Range-targeting advice, plz?

It might take a split second longer to do, but I click targets when it really really matters.
You can set up a key for setting your focus, then a key to target the target of your focus. Keep in mind the person of your focus and make mistakes too. :wink: All this can be done in the key bindings and don’t forget you can use the shift, control and alt keys for modifiers.

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As a mage, get a nameplate addon that shows your execute threshold for searing touch either with a line on the bar showing it or colors to show targets near or in execute range. I’d link the plater profile I use, but I can’t remember which one it is, and I’ve modified it a lot to stop the nameplates from overlapping too much and to emphasize certain mobs and casts.

There’s not really a better solution than just clicking the nameplates, you’ll have to do that. I know some mages swap focus to targets near death and use a focus scorch macro, but I don’t even bother with that and instead use a mouseover focus and focus Counterspell macro.

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I never knew that! That’s really surprising I just thought it would make your toon hit the new target instead.

Well, a good melee will interrupt, but sometimes its on cd, and then sometimes people tunnel. You may not always be the top in dps, but if you interrupt you can prevent a wipe.