Randomly losing the ability to right click in game, ONLY when in discord call

Hey so I’ve been trying to play with my friend, but I am facing this weird issue when we join a discord call.

After a few moments in game I will be unable to use right click. HOWEVER, relogging or doing a /reload relieves the issue for a few moments.

This only happens when we are in a discord call. Played for hours on an alt without issue, while not in a call.

Tried reinstalling Discord, running as admin, turning off overlays, turning on/off hardware accel in Discord. The whole 9 yards really.

Hoping someone will see this and chime in with a similar experience.

It’s so strange.

Any ideas?

To clarify, is this for WotLK classic or Era Classic?

I have a similar issue where every so often I can’t use any items in bags/do anything to move those items. Whenever it happens, I’m on discord. To fix it, I normally just close and reopen discord.