Random disconnects

I keep getting booted out of game, suddenly and without warning. It has happened while I am simply standing there, or if I am running, fighting or whatever. I see from the previous posts on this issue it is still happening.

It’s very irritating and I know it is not my pc. I have had tests run for ping and a tech looked at it and said not my problem. What is happening to make me dc all the time?

Have you tried resetting ur router/modem and posting in tech support u said a tech person but u didnt specify a wow tech person.

It was the person who regularly keeps my pc running smooth. He says it is happening to a lot of people and it is a Blizzard problem.

My internet runs fine outside of the game, its not my router or my connection. Only in game and only WOW.

I would still touch base with tech support they maybe able to shed more light.

Doesn’t sound like much of a tech person, then.

There’s a lot of internet between you and Blizzard where anything can go wrong. Tech Support is where you want to be so they can narrow it down-- you and Blizzard’s servers are merely the two end points along a chain of points that you follow to connect to them.

And just for awareness’ sake, connectivity issues are a way of life on the internet. They happen to everyone, and the reasons for them are an endless list.


Its been happening to me this week as well. It just happened again tonight, in the middle of a M+ (burned a key). it starts with a massive lag spike and then a disconnect. I did notice the Launcher is disconnecting as well. But the WIFI is just fine.

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Happening to me right now… it’s not my internet. All my other services including my security camera are uploading fine

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same here, generally happens at night for me. I get d/cd out of the blizz launcher like I have no connection yet i can open the wow site and surf the net, talk on discord and the rest of my internet connection is flawless

It’s almost like blizzard knew you would say this…

Idk about you, but i can play other live games just fine, only WoW gives me issues.

Still happening, and with the recent changes to the subs, I might just give up and go play something else.

Have you read the link provided in this thread twice now? It fully explains how an issue can affect one game and not other things. There’s no mystery at play here.

The instructions pinned at the top of the forum will need to be followed for someone to help you narrow down where the problem is occurring:

Simply reporting that a problem is occurring is not enough information to act on.