Random Disconnects even though my internet seems to be working fine?

Every now and again in my time playing World of Warcraft, both classic and retail, I get random disconnects to the login screen like once or twice every time I play this game.

But the strange thing is my internet seems to be functioning properly when I test it.

Like as soon as I got disconnected I opened up my web browser to see if I am offline, but I wasn’t I opened up a Google page as soon as I got disconnected from the game.

Another thing I like to add but have not fully tested it yet is I think this its not just WOW but any Online Video Game I play at all. I just notice it more with WOW because its the only online game I have been playing often. Just pointing it out to pinpoint what might be the issue with my PC.

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I came here for the same thing. For the last few days I get booted out randomly and my battlenet shuts down and quickly relogs me in.

There are no issues with my internet at all. I will often even have Ytube or some other stream playing at the same time and they don’t get interrupted.

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Ultimately, if you want to troubleshoot, we’d need to see a winmtr test.

This has been happening to me for about 48 hours now. It is incredibly frustrating. I get instantly disconnected randomly. No other game for me has this happen, not even Overwatch or Diablo. I’ve ran through troubleshooting with Comcast and they have found no issues on their end. What are my options?
(are you other guys in this thread in the PNW by chance?)

  1. I’ve rebooted my modem.
  2. I’ve tried using a lan cable over wi-fi
  3. I’ve done scan and repair
  4. I’ve disabled add-ons
  5. I’ve verified nothing is running in the background that shouldnt be, just the Blizzard client.
  6. I confirmed today this does impact the classic client as well
  7. I just want to play the game =(
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I don’t know if y’all are still having this issues but I’m getting the same problem. Kicked straight to login, or even just massive hangups such as right now as i post this. Was running a +5 KR with some guildies and was kicked midfight 3 times and am now waiting to see my corpse as i had died during a fight with King Dazar, but i’m staring at him with 25% health and nothing is moving. Nothing wrong with my internet, seeing as i can still watch youtube/stream music on my PC.

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I’ve been having the same problem for the last 2 days and I don’t think it’s my internet because my husband, who is also playing WoW, hasn’t been disconnected at all. My game randomly drops me to the log in screen and I become disconnected from battle.net. It happened about 4 times yesterday and 2 times so far this morning. It’s happened on several alts – all doing different things in game (but mostly in Korrak’s revenge AV).