Random bgs!?!?!? O.O


Qing rn

be here or be square

Bri fury warrior gameplay



I have to go do my last set of finals :c

Not missing much the horde are no match for Lady Chop

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5 stacks of deathwish perma or I block



Do not tempteth me, Podz of Tide

I said I would be productive today >_>

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I get on and those nerds are doing arenas. This thread is a lie

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bri only ever sync queues epics and plays rmp or dh/dk arena

sorry bob :c

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I know, it’s why I’m mad that bgs were promised :frowning: got my hopes up. I’ll never trust again

In other news

If you run full Fireside Ele with Crit/Mast stacked, you can kill people in 2 seconds with Primordial Wave > Lava Burst > On use Ascend

I like mine better but you 100% can do that too

I wanted to find the biggest, most reliable 2 second burst, and that seems to be it.

I still run Lightning Rod and 2 min Ascend for consistent damage. But if you want the biggest lawls you’d double Magma totem a group for easy Flame Shock spread, Skyfury, Prim Wave, cover your Lava Burst cast with Spiritwalker’s Kick immunity, cast Ascend right as Lava Burst is finished casting. And if anything’s alive, you still have Stormkeeper

Lunch time arena with Delroni is becoming a favorite past time

I’m far too cute to play RMP

Come to the light side… we have cookies… and other things

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purple side best side, where my purpside thugs at

Bob is the king of purple mogs

shirtless as a purple person barely counts…

Also don’t think I’ll let that Coke Zero preference slide…

Im about 30% of the way there to knowing whats going on, thanks for being patient with me

Bri let me in on the secret of mcdonalds diet coke.

Its soooo good

Anytime Delroni, I just like getting Q’s <3


You barely have any purple on. Poser!