Raids should reset on transfer

They kept it that way for all of Vanilla, TBC, and most of WotLK. It obviously wasn’t too much of an issue.

Sure. Great assessment. I just want the game to be authentic as it can be. “Warts and all.”

Again, not the point. I want them to be consistent in their message. This isn’t authentic to Vanilla.

This is clearly against the #nochanges attitude. Saying its an exploit is a bit overkill isn’t it? Considering you can only transfer once every 3months?

Why would they bothered to have hotfixed it if it wasn’t an exploit? You have yet to answer that.

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Because a guild in Taiwan abused it in a world first race during TotGC. There are no world first raids in Classic thankfully.

In other words, a guild exploited it, and Blizzard woke up to the fact that it was an exploit. What’s seen cannot be unseen.

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You’re only reading what you want to.

It was for a World First race. That of which does not exist in the ways of Classic the ways it did then.

The exploit got their attention because it altered the results of a world first race. That doesn’t make it any less of an exploit at any other time. Also, they still have world first races. In case you missed the big announcement:


Do you NEED to do the raid twice in one week? No you don’t. Wait a week then raid.

Go do research on what TotGC was and how a fresh lockout can alter that in a World Race.

How would getting a fresh raid lockout help in a World race in Classic? Your toon wouldn’t be done transferring by the time a raid is cleared.

Not the point. But great job anyways.

If there’s no race for world firsts in classic, then why was there streams and events dedicated to world first L60, and world first Classic MC when classic launched? Why did blizzard have a CM make a post here on the forums stating who won the race for first BWL clear? It sure seems like world first is a thing in classic. Check Warcraft logs, it even has a tab showing which guilds cleared which raids first.

It sounds like you’re the one reading what you want.

Regardless of any witty banter from random community members on the forums, if blizzard removed it then it was likely done to stop exploiting. If you’re getting multiple raid lockouts in a single week, or y happy that you can’t, many would argue that’s evidence of an exploit.

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You should really understand a post before you comment.

Again. Blizzard removed the ability to cheese a second raid lockout in 1 week because it was an exploit. Regardless of who exploited it or when. They discovered an exploit and patched it out. Case closed.


It was an exploit in a raid that doesn’t exist in Classic.

What about the #nochanges?

They explained this before Classic released right here:

Additional improvements will include modern anti-cheat/botting detection, customer service and integration, and similar conveniences that do not affect the core gameplay experience.

Fixing an exploit that does not affect the core gameplay experience falls into this category.

Case closed

No changes has been dead for a year. There’s been an extremely high amount of changes happen from vanilla to classic. A community playing a game in 2004 =/= a community playing the same game in 2020.

It’s only an exploit in a raid that counts wipes.

Can we get rid of spell batching then?

Let me get right on that for you bud.


So you alright with changes then.

Not very Classic like to me.

You clearly just want an extra chance at loot after a transfer. No. Now stop being ridiculous.


I’m OK with it not being very Classic to you. You’re not in charge of anything at Blizzard, so your opinion has zero bearing on what is and isn’t Classic. I can’t believe anyone would want Blizzard to waste any time or resources on a niche issue like this when there are so many other productive uses of their time. It really feels like you’re just constantly posting to be posting. I have yet to see a compelling argument from you. You’re just blindly shouting, “Authenticity!” without any regard to its implications. As I already pointed out, Blizzard was up front about their intention to make the game as authentic as possible with the caveat that they would make changes as needed to prevent cheats.

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Please read a post before making a hasty comment that doesn’t make sense.

It’s not authentic to Vanilla. Stop apologizing for Blizzard.