Raids dropping 3 tokens already?

Hearing that Gruul/Mag are already dropping 3 tokens per. Haven’t checked SSC/TK but either way seems to not line up with what they indicated in their patch notes. Anyone else confirm?

There was already a blue saying it’s live. If you trust blues.

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Its ambiguous which is exactly the point… It says “all new raid content will be released next week” and last phase additional drops weren’t added until the new content was released.

It’s not the post I was speaking about dosent include that line at all it states the extra tokens are currently live. You are looking at a old blue not the one mentioned in my post from today.

I’m referring to a post from literally hours ago…

And look at the other one today.

  • Bosses in Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep now drop one additional class set token for a total of 3.

Directly in there unlike yours that has no mention of it in that section.

Wanna give me a link to that for context instead of just a copy/pasta? Because that looks exactly like the patch notes from last phase… When the additional tokens didn’t start dropping until the T5 raid was released.

It’s right on blue tracker.

And last phase the patch notes mentioned on release of ssc with a 2nd blue post also mentioning that pulled up the path notes to confirm.

As it is you can ether take the blues word for it or wait for someone else to comment either way it dosent matter as either way your going to kill this week. It’s not like new raids are this week so you delay raiding for bonus loot.

Also the patch notes do indicate today as the day for gruul and mag droping 3 unlike your op claims.

You’re referring to this post? Where it has a section for today… and a section for next week… which is they section where they list additional tier tokens dropping immediately above the new quest hub opening, which they explicitly said was happening next week?

No I’m not I’m literly talking about the exact same post you pulled your first quote from. That exact same post has a section for next week where you pulled the things about raids not comming till later than a section for current updates that the vary first line is about tier.

You are only reading one section vs reading it all abs wondering why your missing info.

You have to read everything if you want to know what’s going on not cherry pic lines.

I tire of explaining it to you. It’s like having an argument with a wall at Blizzard HQ.

You can tire all you want. None the less the way the blue explained abs rather clearly at that has been shown to be correct as even your op was showing you were aware of this already being the case given gruul abs mags was posted in the same statment as ssc. Since players have further seen in the raids. This entire convo comes down to you not reading what is in the vary post you linked and clearly explained to be different than raid release via being in its own section with every other change already out.

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Lol. Right

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