Coming to Base game in 9.1


why negate toxicity when you can embrace it.


Awh yeah! I hope I can finally do my push weekends without people being like “dude your RIO is 800 why are you trying to get into this 15” and the answer is “I just did 20 keys today including a bunch of 15s.”

I hope they add to your score the more dungeons you do, the main issue I have with RIO is it only takes one run of your best key. So a person who does all 8 15s has about the same score as someone who did 100 15s and doesn’t push higher.

gnome joy :tm:


thats crazy can they add useful good ideas that make the game something worth logging in?


Just wait till when 9.1 comes blizzard will offer AI bot to run m+ via cash shop and your io score will go up. The bots they will know when to interpret, when to pop CD and more importantly all dps, heal, tank bots will play their rotation perfectly with the BiS gear so you don’t have to do much.


Well aware, to me it just seems like the whole GS (Gear Score) thing all over again, an addon that we managed to do nasty things with as a community, and Blizzard thinking it would be a great thing to bake into the core experience of the game.


I hope they have a leaver stats feature.


Oh, wild guess here.

Homogenized mostly useless interface that wont be updated for 10 years?

The one thing that’s nice about RIO, is there is actually people always working to make it better. Once this is put in the dev that created it could be dead by the time they think about updating it again.


It’s going to exist no matter what, may as well embrace it.

If it’s not RIO it’s some other metric. I just hope they don’t just show a number and show what key level and affixes you’ve done for a dungeon, that’s far more valuable.

If someone has done a 14 SD they can probably handle a 15


Good it needed to happen.


If someone is well-geared and learned the mechanics in a 0, they can handle a 15.


I’m just here for the memes


The tool itself isn’t the issue, the community use and expectations are. It can, and is, used both responsibly and irresponsibly. This is ultimately no different than Gear Score being officially adopted as item levels, and functionally it isn’t dissimilar to various PvP ratings that are meant to be used in the same way.


Oh wait does this mean the raider io team is out of a job

Anyway less required addons is a good deal to me. Hopefully people can turn it off if they don’t want it.

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I feel like this is actually a good thing. No more running off for an addon which was already practically required for Mythic+ anyway.


Correct. I’m glad to see Blizz move this direction. I’ve advocated for a better tool than RIO and I’m glad it’s going to happen - Blizzard should have its own internal data to utilize to help improve the scoring model.

The “RIO is love RIO is life” crowd who swore nothing better could be made can go cry in a corner now.


As i said earlier, i only do low stuff with friends anyway and never subject myself to the pug scene, i don’t really care too much either way, i just think historically we can be a pretty nasty bunch, giving us a way to rank/categorize each other just seems like another thing we’ll handle poorly.


Confused as to what you think is going to be magically better or different about this system? The article even states “they’ve expressed that they have designed theirs in a very similar way to how the Raider.IO Mythic+ Scoring system works.” Maybe I don’t understand the point of your post, but I fail to see how it’s going to do anything you just posted.


That didn’t take long.

Are you kidding? lol, there’s mechanics we didn’t even know existed in the dungeons until higher keys because the bosses died before they did them.