Raid Training Dummy issue in Stormwind

There is a Stormwind Rat (critter) that spawns near and wanders through the training dummy area in Stormwind.

Since it is a level 1 critter we do massively boosted damage against it and if it wanders near when an AOE ability goes off our parse is very skewed and anyone not catching the issue may make poor choices for their next raid.

For example: Immolation Aura normally hits for 2k but hits the rat for 315k.
My Cyclotronic Blast normally hits for 30k per tick and it hits the rat for 2.4 million in a single tick (non-crit).

PLEASE call an exterminator and remove the rat problem from the Training Dummy area in Stormwind.

I like the picture of you “accidentally” cyclotronic blasting a lvl 1 rat. That’s like accidentally blowing up a spider with an icbm

Well, the cyclotronic blast was on purpose to verify what I thought was happening. Hitting a different rat with Immolation Aura was an accident, lol.

Yes super annoying, i can’t check single target rotation there. My void eruption does 300k to the stupid rat… 6 casts over 3 min 41% of dmg. 37 casts of void bolt 8% hahaha

Something funny going on there.
Other rats, not in the target area but underfoot of maybe a caster, just die, couldn’t see why.

Use the ironforge dummy.

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