Raid Testing to Resume on August 4

Tomorrow, August 4 at around 2:00 p.m. PDT, we’re going to open the initial raids for further testing in the Wrath Beta.

For a list of selected raid fixes in this build, please see our updated development notes.


Any chance that you will open more invites to beta?

It would be nice to actually do raid testing with more then 2 guildmates and 23 other randos.


More invites plox

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when fresh?


Please fix haste for shadow priest and warlock dots. Getting slightly concerning that this does not seem to be getting any attention.


I can only support this comment. As of now 1 guild member is having beta access. With most of the guild having played continuously since vanilla or tbc, it seems strange that none are getting invited, my self included!

Many people might not know character copy is working… :frowning:

I have over a year of played time in classic last time I checked it’s been awhile no Beta access. Idk I think streamers friends of streamers get prio and then it’s a crapshoot. Full guilds getting in is probably so raids can be tested with a min max setting

I’d gladly test raids if I had a beta invite :slight_smile:

Give people the option to invite a friend or two to Beta, and or perhaps let guild masters / officers invite their guild.

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Did another wave go out today?

Hoping yall will invite more people I would love a chance to get in!

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Fun! Ive been signed up for quite some time now, would love to be part of the testing!! Still hoping for another wave to let the rest of us in :crossed_fingers:

Fun fact. I just happened to check the opt in page and it let me opt in again. I’ve done this a bunch of times but it stopped working a few weeks ago so I thought it was just my end letting me opt in over and over and it finally worked. Nope back to being able to refresh the page and opt in again

Pally Threat is still busted, can you add the multiplier for their threat? feels bad when you pump alot of single target damage into 1 mob, and a boomkin crit pulls right off of you.

Don’t worry guys Naxx is broken to the point where you can’t progress Plague wing past Noth thus you can’t actually finish the raid. Malygos is broken as well as the Drake vehicles aren’t generating combo points so he’s impossible to kill. The only raid you can actually do in this test is OS.

Smol indi compny

on the contrary it sounds like OS is the one that doesn’t need testing

If there is going to be testing done, please look into the 25/10 man balance problem. The original balance testing was done wrong and made 10 man balance testing be done by people in 25 man gear.

Seriously, please look into making it so 10 man groups in 10 man gear have the same difficulty as 25 man raids in 25 man gear.

??? Naxx is tuned for full ilvl 200 blues