Raid Testing to Begin on July 21

Literally in the post

It wasn’t originally. They edited it. So you can thank me for asking this and having them update their post.

Cool, you got them to edit it.

What time does this open?

WOW Super exciting day! Hopefully more invites will be sent soon, would love to hop in and raid test with you all!! :star_struck:

Testers can now begin setting up characters. The templates are now available and the vendors in Dalaran have been updated with new items, consumables, and gems.


Multiple citations needed.

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ok now send out beta invites


hey blizz. its me, ciaracy, the annoying person mass reporting booster spam and bots and ending the message w/ a beta request.

calling u out in 4k, right here, right now. give beta so i can test raids. ty (:upside_down_face:

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Would be beneficial. I don’t forsee many people testing raids. More beta invites need to be send out.

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Is there a timeline for when raids will be live and testable? Even just a rough estimate of when they’ll actually be open would be nice.

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I’m on pve

no dont do more beta invites just let the only 100 players that actually play the beta jerk around and test

Can we get a heads up as to when like… the raid goes live? A timeframe would be fantastic.

Yeah for real.

Can’t wait to try ret out tonight. I hope there is some going after my sunwell raid tonight.

When raid opens would be nice to know, but I still want to know if 10/25 have separate or combined lockouts…


they have seperate lockouts. they were talking about toc which when released you could do 10 10 heroic 25 25heroic.

I have a couple questions. Why did you allow people to create their characters during prime time? It’s laggy, it’s unpleasent.
Do prot paladins still have their threat bug? If yes, why do you want players to test raids when one of the best and most popular tanks is broken?
Same thing with Arms warrior. Taste for blood is still broken and makes no sense to play Arms currently in the beta.

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there are so many bugs. Blizz prob doesnt read the reports and things everything is peachy.

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