Raid Rewards Experiments in Season 4

Weapons get something like this as well:

So anything rating related will be gone while non rating stuff will remain available.


Idk, I think for the slime cat which a lot of people were excited for it’s completely acceptable to make it achievable through LFR. It’s a short season, would be a cool thing that everyone could go get by playing the game in the difficulty that suited them.


Are you kidding the last real Legendaries were the Cloak from Mists and the Ring from WoD that you had to do quest chains for throughout the expansions.

Those were legendary . Everything since Legion has been “Orange is the new Purple”

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I feel bad for Kaivax, chances are its not their decision but ppl are out here in this thread calling them all kinds of things. I might have sympathy for LFR raiders blight under normal circumstances but honestly seeing this type of behavior my sympathy is quickly dwindling.


I didn’t see anything directed at him, but much directed at the choice. Misplaces empathy is just not helpful here.


Right this way, friend:

What’s the point of prestige when no one is playing the game? Stop insulting LFR players, stop giving them trash and nothing to look forward.


I don’t see anyone calling him anything.

*potential paying customers

Players sympathy for this game is dwindling even faster.


I agree with your post. Hunters are getting screwed again. Survival uses a melee weapon, not ranged and currently ranged hunter are on the low end basicly bottom of the charts. Thanks so much for the hate blizzard.

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So is the patch changing the achievements for Fated Raids?
I’m logged in right now and it says “on any difficulty while “RAID” is a fated raid.” for the achievements that are part of the slime cat meta.

So were you mistaken?
Achievements in game wrong?
Last minute decision to not let LFR get the mount?
Need more info.


None of my criticism at the decision is directed at Kaivex, beyond just “based on your wording it doesn’t seem as if these things have been considered and that sucks”. That said, ultimately Kaivex is just the messenger, and as such I hope the criticisms here are passed along in good faith.

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Blizzard has this bizarre fascination with ensuring that people who play LFR know that they literally don’t matter to the designers.


Well, season 4 already screwed over most raiding teams by cutting season 3 short by months, maybe Blizzard wanted to make sure season 4 was screwing everyone by doing this…


Keep in mind Kaivax, while a community manager, is utterly restricted in what he can say. They arent even allowed to voice their opinion on stuff on the forums as far as i know. So you would rather need ion to show his face here.

That being said i did respond in the same fashion to a blue back in Sanctum on the EU forums so i know where you’re coming from.


Can we get more details about the Ignore Pain change? What does “based on Max Health” mean, exactly? I’m assuming it’s a % of max health? Is it 100%?

I tried to read most things post the LFR decision and most of the I guess name calling is not too long after. So I am not blaming you for missing it but its there.

My only gripe with making it normal+ is the fact people assumed it was LFR included till today. But rest of the arguments fall flat on me, you dont see me crying how I deserve mythic mounts when I dont mythic raid.

Since you pay 14.99 per month you’re also entitled to free mythic raid loot right? Why shouldn’t you, you’re paying 14.99?

Treated as second hand citizens, literally.


They could have just not responded to anything at all.
Its much harder to feel ignored when blizzard staff arent making it painfully obvious they read all the complaints but replied to something else.


Yeah I guess its time we stop paying them, since our money isn’t as good as someone who’s done Mythic Jailer or ran a +25 key.

I’m sure the game - developers, overhead, and all - will be sustained by those players alone.