Raid Rewards Experiments in Season 4

Any plans to make each raid tier relevant for the entire expansion in 10.0x?

How are you managing the situation around the Rae’shalare aka Sylvanas legenndary bow?

Okay…but are there any plans to make cosmic flux account wide??? A lot of us have a ton of it just sitting there on our mains.

Having to grind out another 5400 flux for 4pc and then ANOTHER 4000 for max rank leggos is a miserable experience.

I can’t speak for others, but playing the endgame without all my tools is very unenjoyable.


Bro I’m already in a grave, right alongside my spec

I just want to have a reason to do the old (current expansion) raids and see their beauty without absolutely stomping them, and with cool rewards. I think this is a step in the right direction.

I can’t speak to the exact implementation as it’s still being decided, but we’re going to be addressing Cosmic Flux availability when Season 4 launches, or shortly thereafter.


This is not a bad approach to change things up, but it feels like we are only going to get 4-5 fated full rotations if prepatch and expansion are to launch this year. I hope these changes help out with that reduced duration. Even less than the assumption we had from initial info about season 4/fated.

Hi Scariizard,

A lot of people are wondering if the reward type vendor system might be carrying over to Dragonflight. Is there any indication of this new structure of being able to guarantee a piece of loot from the raid tier (or even previous raid tier in a badge type system) might be present? Having situations where making a new say BDK/Warrior and seeing your BIS trinket is the end boss of a previous tier is kinda lousy. This system nails that.

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Anything else you can tell us about the future of Shadowlands or WoW that you may have forgotten?

Taking away CE/AOTC after 5 months of an END tier that already had timegating for gear and player power the fights were designed around is an absolutely idiotic idea. And to add even more insult to injury it was at the cost of a somehow more convoluted idea.

Nothing you do will make up for what you’re taking away.

287 Days was the previous shortest end of expansion tier (N’yalotha) and this tier from Mythic and Double Leggo unlock will be less than 200 days. And that’s not even including the numerous bugs and issues with fights.


How is Rae’shalare (the Sylvanas bow) going to work in Season 4? Will it remain a random drop as per usual (and will it scale with Fated?), or will it be purchaseable with Dinars at Normal item level to be upgraded as normally?

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Love the removal of AOTC, it’s a fomo generator and encourages constant bussing adverts.

Will there be another top 0.1% M+ title in S4?

Until the collective mules quit working.

Is valor and conquest no longer converted to gold like it used to be? We just straight up lose it now?

Please double the honor cap or lower the upgrade costs even more. It’s weird that Honor caps at 15k when it can take almost that to upgrade one time all pieces of gear.

And yet another way for raiders to get gear but solo players still eating dust.


I still think it is a miss to do so little with the GV.

Honestly, the GV is not much better than the original BFA chest of disappointment, once you get to the point where you only need 1 or 2 items.

It also takes more effort. You clear 8 dungeons only to still get shafted by RNG. At least in BFA it was one and done for your bad luck.

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Are you purely solo? You don’t do mythics, raiding or pvping? I’m not sure what your complaint is exactly.

Why are they using Dinar, that’s the actual currency of Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, and Tunisia. The PC police gonna be mad