Raid Rewards Experiments in Season 4

All good :slight_smile:

I think its a bad move to exclude people from the mount in an experimental season and that i could serve as an oppoturnity to reward every player for playing the game at its core levels.

The fact we have access to fated raids in lfr, with affixes that might cause additional issues to completing the raid warrents every player a better reward.


This is the only convincing argument ive seen.

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This entire post needs a million upvotes.

everyone is so focused on how s4 is “catering to raiders” when they couldn’t be more wrong. s4 is basically taking raiders out back, punching them in the face, then doing a “neener neener neener” while it walks away.

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Exactly, but their using the mount as a business incentive. They don’t get that this doesn’t resonate with the crowd, even normal, heroic, and mythic raiders don’t mind if LFR gets it, it only resonates with their bottom line. So it’s clearly just a move they think will bring them in revenue. Even though speaking to the larger crowd will most likely rake in the most subs for a mount like this.

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The cat is technically available to all players.

I’d also add that stuff like this has never come from LFR and the only thing I can think of is whoever wrote the Achievement text considered “Any Difficulty” to mean Normal, Heroic and Mythic however misguided that might be.

I love how you preceed this statement by calling someone else stupid, then go on to say something - wrong. classy.


So true. Even if you’re done with prog most just want a break like we’ve always had to either unsub or just goof around on alts, farm mogs, etc.

Oh please, Blizzard has given us reward that equal the cat mount or is as good for next to no effort. My Deathwing mount/Tree mount is proof of that.


this is a great opportunity for average players to get something special imo. There’s an entire thread with hundreds of responses about people wanting to earn cool things - people upset about the slime kitten not being in LFR are not that same crowd…

many of the unobtainable “cool things” require some degree of competition (aotc, ksm, even the vicious saddle mounts).

i don’t think this was meant to be the same thing as an anniversary giveaway like the two you listed…it requires you to put together a group so it’s probably more like AOTC.

“All players” for you means 1% apparently. Because only 1% will be able to manage to get this mount. When I mean available to all I mean available with a means of being able to actually obtain it for now and for future players.

The Spell Tome is manageable by all with skill and as much time as they need, for new and current players.

The Slime Saber is a limited time mount. Meaning it will be gone after S4. After that it will be unobtainable as in… Not available to all future or current players. This is what I mean when I said “I thought it would be available to all”.


are you being intentionally dim?

“And so on until the rotation is removed and all raids are Fated later in the season.”

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And many didn’t. I have a deathwing mount that took near zero effort.

And Blizzard could have told us this MONTHS ago. I personally don’t have anything against time limited stuff or even doing hard stuff for reward. I have every last one of the original mage tower skins, but I am not particularly fond of being misled. More importantly, this season could have been done with a more casual attitude and until today most people were ok with the kitty mount being LFR and suddenly they are not?

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I’d consider the mount being available in Normal raids a pretty “casual attitude”…cmon now lol

i don’t think they misled anyone personally…i would never expect a reward they want to be special or unique available in LFR or world quests…

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So there is ZERO reason to even try to do fated lfr. Cool great


Well higher tier raiders will still be doing lfr in the hopes of getting an item to drop so they can upgrade it to heroic/mythic ilvl.

1%?? Maybe if it only came from Mythic but you can get it doing Normal.

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First of all heres the whole quote. The part about about the rotation doesnt mean all raids will be fated the week of September 13. Theyre giving at least 2 months before that happens and will most likely make all raids fated the month before prepatch (probably november). This is enough of a warning.

Not at all as far as I am concerned. 30 bosses during what is arguable one of the low point in WoW population history.

What??? I have a Sanctum Gloomcharger’s Reins from LFR. I got that moth mount from one of the calling in ardenweld.


A normal that’s tuned like a Heroic+ with additional affixes to make it more difficult. A Normal where people are going to ask for 270+ ilvl to join. People who can’t do heroic raiding or Mythic + as it is now before S4 will not be able to obtain this mount. So yes. 1%.


i intentionally left out the fact that you can get mount drops in LFR, because i think that hurts your case.

there’s enough stuff you get out of LFR - gear, quests, unique transmog, mounts, etc. A unique achievement mount does not need to be included in that if you ask me. You can AFK in LFR and get literally all of that stuff…hard pass on anything like that imo

like i said - the casual audience will obtain this mount - any one complaining that it isn’t included in LFR is not in that same group imo. :100:

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