[Raid Loot Feedback] Crests, Tier, and You

Hello, my name is Remi, I’ve been CE since Jaina, in a handful of US 50+ guilds, and am very interested in gear and loot from raids. Today I’d like to draw attention to a few issues I’ve felt need addressing for quite a while in terms of loot acquisition and currency drops.

  • Crests and Flightstones

To begin, I’d like to bring attention to the simple differences in Raid vs M+ currency gain. Those that only M+ can cleanly farm out any and all crests and flightstones they may require, whereas those that prefer only to raid must do the other in many cases to “round out” for the week.

My proposed request is that while perhaps a full clear of Heroic caps out Wyrm crests entirely, Mythic cap out Aspects at 3/4th total bosses completed. In addition Flightstones from later bosses should scale in drops exponentially on all difficulties.
I reason this because many guilds that full clear Mythic, especially early on, have a roster of 4-5 people over the 20 man limit - thus divvy up bosses to cap out everyone’s vault options. I believe capping out a vault with at least 2-3 end wing/last few bosses worth of crests should cap you out to allow late farm raiders the ability to stay within raid for currency if they so wish.

  • Tier and Bonus Loot

Pertaining to Tier, I’d like to first reference “Very Rare” items, that have over the last few tiers actually just turned in to lower chance “Bonus Loot” that drops in addition to the rest of the loot pool.

My proposed switch up to this, for the sake of evergreen within a tier, is to make Tier token the Bonus Loot instead. I could also see to reason non trinket cantrips such as the new mana refunding necklace be on this Bonus table aswell.

To me, Tier being the “in addition to”, of course, being 100% drop of ~1 with a chance of 2 per se, allows loot pools much more dropped freedom. Rather than them feeling as though some bosses that have something amazing on it and also Tier means the really great loot has a way lower chance to drop than other bosses seemingly arbitrarily.

To give some examples, I’d like to in closing take a moment to remind readers of what has been on this system currently that has felt ‘griefed’ by Tier taking up loot slots. From VotI especially we had: Storm-Eater’s Boon from Dathea; Kharnalex, The First Light from Broodkeeper Diurna; and of course Neltharax, Enemy of the Sky from Raszageth. Abberus and Amirdrassil followed suit with several very sought after trinkets and cantrips worthy of a paragraph each.

Raid loot deserves to be looked at and adjusted slightly in my eyes, and I truly hope you agree this could be a nice benefit to those that wish to stay within raiding as their main focus. I appreciate your time, and look forward to any interpretation, thank you :slight_smile:


One other point to add to this: it’s not just an issue during farm. As raiders, progress is when gearing really matters, so having to step outside of raid during progress to get crests is kinda annoying*. This also goes for the vault slots, which you can’t get 3 of for most of progress (either you don’t have enough bosses on farm yet, or you’re extending on the last few), making M+ vaults highly valuable during this period. The number of kills to get raid vault slots could really do with being reduced to something like 1/2/3 or 1/2/4, rather than requiring nearly full clearing.

*Yes, we already have to step into keys to farm gear, but that’s a separate problem.


Honestly, it would be a blessing for mythic raiding guilds when clearing to boss x as a guild to unlock those bosses for the whole raid who participated in that lockout. If you extend, then you still should get mythic loot for doing the raid on heroic in the vault. So it is just a requirement. The same should apply to crest from raids.

Also, I would like to see a slot blacklisting option for the vault - nothing feels worse to role 3 cloaks in the vault while you already have a high cloak. So if you reach a mythic ilvl item in a certain slot and upgrade it to max, you can disable drops in that slot for the vault.


I think many people will agree that raid loot needs to be better. There’s not really any other way around to say it but raiding feels underwhelming when it comes to loot because of m+. Better loot drops, better crests/flightstones drops and better great vault are all things that would make sense if we do not want to change stuff outside raiding.

I think the suggestion of making tier sets extra loot is a great idea.

I would prefer bonus rolls for raiding rather than the great vault personally as it feels I have more control and it feels more fair. Bonus rolls also being able to be stacked weeks after weeks adds a decent amount of loot from raiding early on and adds some type of catchup if you don’t raid a week or were benched or are progressing a boss.


Personally I’d rather have a choice of a few pieces then bonus rolls that may not give loot.

The great vault can roll the whole raid loot table rather than just a boss loot table, which also is why some people have cheesed the great vault before (by not killing some bosses or asking to be benched). There is certainly advantages to knowing what you will get but for specific pieces the great vault at least for me feels way worse. The rng can also be played around a bit, they could make bonus rolls give you loot 100% of the time but you only get one a week stacking up to 3.

I thought they had stopped the only bosses you kill you get loot from? I remember gaining edge of night daggers in the past without killing sylvanas.

Nope, you definitely have to unlock bosses. The only thing they’ve changed is that killing boss 7 also unlocks bosses 1-6, so you can’t do silly things where you skip bosses with awful loot to avoid having that appear in your vault.

The only “exception” to this is that Fated/Awakened “remember” what you’ve unlocked on regular difficulties rather than requiring re-unlocks.


Yea they fixed it, this was a comparison to say how you can’t really target something with the great vault at least anymore.