Raid io add to the game?

(Votonic) #1

Raid io has limitation. I only started to do mythic + more frequently now that I am trying to raid. I realized raid io only take data from top 500. I normally do my M+ run Sunday n Monday which usually mean the leader board is maxed out. I was running 9 and 10 key. On raid io, I am stuck w/ some much low key while my 10 didn’t even registered or the one I timed.

It is tedious to look at individuals for a low pop realm to M+ w/. Isn’t it flawed to have such add on to WoW that can’t handle all data? It is definitely useful but it seems Sunday n Monday players are left out.

(Sackless) #2

Blizzard controls how many runs are logged, not io.

(Votonic) #3

I know that which is why blizzard created this problem of inaccuracies. They might as well implement it themselves so we all get the right rating like pvp, ilvl, etc.

On blizzard system it did log my higher keys but raid io nope. I am about 100pt off. I am fine w/ trying do it sooner but there are many that don’t have the luxury like me and raid io affecting them more. Just like quite a few don’t even run raid io. Making me avoid that group.

Yep, the system got me to avoid but that is due to inaccurate info. Don’t get me wrong, raid io is very beneficial but need that 500 cap fix