Raid healing etiquette

I have a holy priest alt and usually on Sunday’s or Mondays I get drunk and play it which I was doing tonight and as I’m clicking away on my Vuhdo frames I was wondering…

  • should I bother healing other healers? Or is that “bad form” because its insulting or something? Really they should be healing themselves but every now and then they look low so I click and heal.
  • Is it OK to abuse Leap of Faith when people are out of position? I was doing LFR Guardian (drunk of course) and I was like “dudes stack in melee! Aoe heals. DK’s Zone for less dmg and you wont die to purging by being too slow”. Got tired of saying that so… Yank. Very fun so I yanked whenever I could. Was that bad form?

Any other things I should or should not do 'cause etiquette?

In LFR? You can afk smite. They will die from one shot anyway, like getting push out the platform on Nerzhul.

Leap of faith is a tilting ability, but decent players understand that sometimes they make mistake and the priests help them to position better.

If you use it on LFR people, let’s say The nine. You yank people to the edge for dispel, and they will probably berate you in whisper chat.






The only thing considered bad healing etiquette during content that doesn’t require coordinated healing cooldown usage is cooldown sniping. So for example a resto druid pops tranquility and as soon as he does the mistweaver uses revival or the holy priest uses salvation to instantly full heal the raid.

But in LFR I’d do it anyway. Lol


Should you bother healing other healers? I honestly don’t understand healers who ask such questions.

Consider this situation, for example. You can have the very best healer whose hps may be borderline adequate or even poor and nobody ever notices but he is critical to the group. This guy is regularly saying to himself, if I don’t heal this dps guy now, he is dead. Maybe the healer is at less than half and has no immunities. Like, maybe he is a holy paladin who was just in this same situation ten seconds ago, and he bubbled himself and saved someone and also himself. But now he has to choose. It’s either him or this other dude. And you heal him? Guess who wins. Everybody.

Man, some healers ask silly questions. And yeah, a lot of healers will just let the other healer die. Be the difference.

In my case, I have been healing since vanilla. And guess who are my priority targets for healing. If you guessed #1: Healers, you would be correct. Why? Because a dead healer means a lot of stress on the other healers or a wasted brez. And this can quickly have a domino effect, too. In my experience a lot of other healers usually let other healers die–so if I don’t heal the healer, remember it could end badly because of the domino effect mentioned above.

Anyhow: Heal the other healers. Only mentally challenged healers let the other ones die. Or so that’s my opinion.

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Healing healers is just fine. In general I don’t have the time to notice or care if healers are healing me as the names all tend to blur together when everyone is rotting away. Heal the most injured and go from there. I’ve never once felt the need to tell healers to hell me less, or have ever been told that.

Second question is a big depends lol. Sometimes, certain classes like Mages or Warlocks have long ramp up times and place runes on the ground they need to stand in. Although its on them to make sure they do this safely, sometimes it’s not optimal but gripping them can be a dramatic loss in dps for them = for the group. Plus, if you use leap too liberally you may not have it for the real dangerous times (A person lobbed off the edge in Nerzul, a player missing spike wave in painsmith, Player not fast enough to beat Torment in Soulrender, player stuck on weird bottom part of bridge on Sylvanas, are all good examples).

Other etiquette there isn’t too much, as holy power infusion does the least for yourself of all specs so ideally you’ll want to apply it to the highest dps and not keep it for yourself. Only other thing I can think off is try not to overlap another healer’s CD with your own "Divine Hymn while a druid is using Tranquility, its a net loss in hps for you both and means you’ll have no CD for the next 3 mins.