Raid finder

Wrath needs Raid finder, Qol blahh, i have a job and cant stay awake past 10, blahh blahh blahhh

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Agreed. We need battle pets as well if…

i.e. they can unsub and go to retail

I mean, we already have enough RDF threads… why do we want another???

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This is for LFR bro not RDF.

Oh, well LFR exists in Retail…

It won’t come to Cataclysm Classic, because it’s Classic. :slight_smile:

Naw we need in in wotlk cus raid 2 hard

it’s interesting that the casuals of today are too casual for the most casual expansion in wow’s history. i find this interesting.


After you unsubbed on two accounts, how much head space are you continuing to give this game, OP? Sarcasm is nice and all but why give something that treated you so bad any further engagement?

peace out bruh

I work three jobs and have two families. Forming groups in my limited free has been hard, but thanks to my hard work I have three phase one BIS characters already.

Better time management and learning to play will help you.

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