Ragnaros dead

People usually get excited after downing a hard boss. Ragnaros isn’t a hard boss.

nothing against them or anything but this post its kinda like bragging about watching your friend put together a Lego set that had crystal clear instructions.

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40 retards that just hit 60 and 1/4 cant move out of a circle and keep pressing 1 or 2 buttons like every fight since lvl 30.
“It’s all the same, only the name has changed”

Meanwhile, in Westfall…


World first 40 characters to 60?

All I can find this morning are 30 second clips. Did they post the entire raid anywhere? Did they even post the entire rag fight?

So lemme get this straight… Some people are upset that a guild full of vanilla fans, who have practiced for years playing vanilla, a game that has been out for 15 years… people are upset and surprised that they killed it first?

What’re they expecting, 15 year old game mechanics to get in the way?

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Fixed for ya.

Heck though they don’t do that on pservers.
Takes longer than 1 week to fully level and down a raid boss.

Not sure what ppl mean by pack it up.
Did some retailers figure if they didnt down rag first its over?
imo bfa doesnt hold a candle to classic.
Also those guys have been planning this for a while and were pretty ingenious in how they did it.
They basically ported a guy back and forth for the water, and packed their raid with warriors, priests, locks and mages. I saw only 1 hybrid druid.

Pservers win again :sunglasses:

The changes in the drop, quest and the lack of requirement to farm fire items has made Ragnaros a pet instead of a boss where you had to work your butt before you could even try to kill him. They should have released true vanilla and not a variation of vanilla.

IT is not being mad at a guild. It is the fact that you could not be ready for Ragnaros unless you had completed the farming requirements to gear 40 people with fire resist. That alone took forever to complete. If you had no fire resist your raid will wipe end of story.

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This is Classic. You are delusional, and so is every other person who thinks Classic was insanely hard. I like Classic. I am playing it. It’s better than retail. But it was only hard because people were bad at it. I am sick and tired of this non-sense.

True. Because people were terrible and would get hit the AoE knockback he does. Did you notice these guys had zero fire resistance gear and died to it as well at the end? Fire resist gear just made the fight idiot-proof.

Not to mention, a lot of vanilla guilds didn’t know about the +81 FR buff from LBRS. It’s pretty much common knowledge now, except for the window lickers crying “Exploit!”.

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I set privacy settings to maximum on everything as a matter of course, but I don’t think I’m hiding my warcraftlogs profile, because I don’t think I have one. They have a warning banner about my being “untrackable” because of my privacy settings on the Blizzard site. That didn’t prevent them from displaying parses for two of my four Champions kills and my one Jadefire kill.

I’m not sure where you’re getting the 37.22% downtime, but the two Champions parses I can see have 86.71% and 93.45% uptime.

The 86.71% parse was for a group that had a leader who did not know the mechanics for the fight; our instructions were to “zerg the boss” and “interrupt everything”, which at the time was the standard strategy for heroic pickup groups.

In mythic, however, some of the adds, even if they are dead, cast Angelic Renewal, and that spell is a 100% boss heal that generally causes a wipe. I knew from bitter experience that just trying to “interrupt everything” with a pickup group most of whom didn’t know the mechanics would usually result in an Angelic Renewal going off at some point in the fight, and a subsequent wipe, so I spent a lot of time tab targeting through the enemies to make sure Angelic didn’t go off.

In the event, the melee that were “interrupting everything” got 8 of the 9 Angelic Renewals - mostly from the offtank that I think actually knew about the mechanic - and I interrupted the remaining one, which you can see if you look at the interrupts in that parse. If I hadn’t interrupted, the boss would have gotten full healed and the group would have wiped, so I disagree that I was getting carried for that kill; sometimes mechanics are more important than DPS.

The 93.45% uptime parse was in a partial guild group that had an interrupt rotation covering Angelic, and if you look you can see that was similar to the other pickups but much lower than the 98% typical of the regular raid members. You can reasonably argue that I and the other pickups got carried in that one, since I think the boss would still have gone down without us, but presumably the raid inviting us didn’t mind the extra DPS, even if it was subpar.

I’m not sure why there aren’t parses for my other two Champions kills - in one of them, maybe no one was running warcraftlogs, though I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a parse for my first kill - but they were both in full pickup groups where I was on Angelic Renewal interrupt duty similar to my 86.71% parse.

The Jadefire kill was with the partial guild group and I died to the first multisided strike that pull, so you can certainly argue that the kill was a carry. However, in earlier pickup groups I had been one of the only people to survive enough multisided strikes to make it to the final phase, so it’s not that I don’t know the fight.

Sorry if the detail is excessive; I know your guild had some mythic progression, but your profile isn’t showing any kills, so I wasn’t sure how well you knew the details of the fights.

I’m definitely not saying I think mythic raiding is “incredibly easy” or even easy, and I’m sorry if I gave that impression. What I am saying is that Vanilla wasn’t easy either, and I doubt Classic raiding is either.

You mean a iteration with ten times as many exploits? They released the patched version because it fixed most glaring problems. I’m guessing things that people could crash the server with.

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Even so. That was true vanilla.

Aren’t people saying that vanilla is all about “playing your own way?” with a lot more flexibility in how you play your class and the game? And here you are saying that there is only this way to kill a boss. Can’t kill it without grinding out this certain thing So what if people killed it with ease. They’re experts at vanilla and did it THEIR way. How many guilds are gonna do that in the world? How is this a problem?

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