Rage Whispers ! <3

Got my first one. https://imgur.com/a/aPR240k from someone Stormrage. Even sweeter when it’s a demonhuntard.

Want to thank Mal, Perc, Nomak, Alphon and the rest. Brb updating my resume.


I swear all rage whispers are the same “loL yOu NeEd A gRoUp tO kiLL mE.” Then when you ask for a 1v1 they bounce.


Ironically I just responded to that undergeared resto druids help because he was being camped by that DH, a Prot Pal and a Rogue. :rofl:

Hey Leadbelly, what’s your spec man? I’m playing a Pally for the first time and I can’t pick one, and my focus will be w-pvp.

Congrats haha. They are sweet aren’t they?


Oh my sweet summer child.

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There are much better pallies in here than I, I’ll let them comment. I actually stopped playing this guy during 8.3 because I couldn’t be arsed with keeping up with corruptions and the gear grind.

I’ve had a lot fun with Ret tbh.

Yeah man. Coincidentally the toon that I got it on is in the guild (Grave) :joy:

I’ve gotten more rage whispers in GW2 WvW than I have gotten rage whispers in WoW, and I’ve played WoW much longer.

What am I doing wrong? I need some salt.

Same here. I do some trollish things that make people log off, but I don’t get nearly enough rage.

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Let me say grats on your first. It use to be the best thing in the game to me. I have tried to become a little more civil now days.
I use to have a folder full of screen shots. Oddly enough my last hate tell was from a DH i 1v1 as arms at the end of an arena match… How do you lose to arms as a dh?

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Went to the same school as this DH, no doubt. :rofl:

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U can always make a toon named OGpapabear and kill people. That’s a for sure way of getting hate tells lol. Man I have a lot

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I got myself a rage whisper last night!!! This person was one salty fellow :rofl: :joy:. When I get off work I’ll have to share the screen shots.

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I got one recently too. Of course me being a Fem Draenei on MG it allows for a certain amount of creativity when I’m replying to them.

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I need to have some creative responses. In mine i was just so awestruck that I got one I didn’t have time to react. Plus they instantly ignore you - the equivalent of putting their fingers in their ears and sticking their tongue out. :rofl:

What they don’t understand is the person who put the least effort wins. The fact that they took the time to note down your name, log off, log back onto a toon on your faction, whisper you and then ignore you speaks volumes.


Would be glad to give you some of mine but they would get me banned on the forums. I think you would laugh though. I have a couple screen shots but again cant post here unfortunately. Guy even made a toon named Valdsucksd or something like that

I’ve given and taken rage whispers. Mine would be more critical of player behavior. I look at ethics more than performance. If you give me an honest fight, I’d have no problems. I won’t deny that I do talk trash; I’ve done it since TFC and C-S in my teens.

I trashtalked Soullscape for wasting my time when he was on his DH once. And of course he’s a PvE nerd, so that’s more for the trashtalk hopper. I’ve gotten a few vendetta HK’s on him since, so I try to back my words up. Unfortunately(fortunately for him) we don’t share shards in most zones.

That’s not how I would have done it, based on what the picture shows. If it took a group and pocket healing to kill me, I would point that out in embarrassment, especially as I play MM which is at or near the lowest. I had as many as nine people against me, and it was in this xpac, which I find it to be an honor. How many people can say they had to deal with a 9v1? No one I heard lately.

i have almost a gig of screenies from Vanilla and BC and mop not many this xpac i also dont gank as much as i used too but i think until SL i will be doing more.

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“It’s just a game.”

Hundreds of instances of this you took.

Yes… to me bro…