Ragath and Justname need to be banned

The Iron Alliance and Nevermind need to stop harboring ninja looting, gold sellers. And furthermore, Blizzard you need to patch hunters being able to both, eagle eye black lotus, and feign death and pull mobs onto other players.

Shini and Shezee are horde gold sellers.

I’m bringing this up with a GM now but I really need support from the community, I know a lot of you farm in Burning Steppes, and even the horde ive faught with I have no problems with you. But when it comes to these gold sellers ninja looting, feign death, trolling their own faction and killing their own faction just to sell black lotus and sell the gold, well, something major needs to be done by the community to ensure every gold seller is caught and confirmed selling in a timely manner.

Id appreciate every report possible on Ragath and Justname, Shini and Shezee.

Thank you. (They cross faction collaborate on camping lotus, aswell.)

P.S. You didnt think i would leave you without proof of these two gold selling hunter collaborators, did you?
(Whisper me for proof in screenshots, or find me on Discord.)

Two different guilds, on 24/7 account sharing, cross faction communications, griefing and murdering their own allys. These two need to be forcefully transferred to oceanic servers because they are Taiwanese.

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100% agree with you. I killed Justname last night but was immediately avenged by many Alliance right after. This xfaction farm system they have set up is just bad for the game.

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