Raf self using another account but on same bnet?


Not sure if this is the right place.
Does anyone know if I can RAF myself using my other account which hasn’t been used for 5 years but its on the same battlenet my main account is on.
Is this doable or does the one I want to Recruit have to be on different battlenet?

So what im saying is they are both on the same battlenet. but two different wow accounts

I know its not out yet but I want to make sure so I wait instead of using that account now. Plus I don’t want to wait for nothing

(Amaelalin) #2

Under the old system, you could.


When the Recruit a Friend program is active again, you’ll be able to recruit yourself from an active WoW license, assuming the WoW license you wish to recruit is either brand new or has not been active for 2+ years.


About a month ago I created a second WoW acct, for RAF purposes, but didn’t activate it (no paid subscription) and I never even logged into it. Is this account eligible, once I activate it and pay for the subscription, or do I need to create another to qualify as being less than 7 days old?
If I need to create a newer account is there a way to delete the first second account, or will it just stay in my list of accounts forever?

(Perl) #6

It should indeed work :slight_smile: I have a very old starter that I didn’t add game time to and it was eligible!

To be certain, just create the RaF URL and when you go to it, you should see a list of your accounts under the same battle.net and which ones are eligible too.


Yeah, while waiting for a reply I actually did try sending myself a link, followed it and I got the list of accts on my bnet. Unfortunately, it seems, my 2nd acct is ineligible. It was grayed out and I was prompted to create a new account. Either that or I’m misunderstanding whether I need to add game time to the 2nd acct first (it’s a free starter acct).

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When you go to your account management page, how does it refer to you second account? Does it say inactive or starter?



It says starter edition and gives me the option, on the right side, of adding a subscription.


Less than 7 days, or more than 2 years. A 30 day account shouldn’t be eligible.


That’s part of my question though…if I add game time to the free starter, will it then become eligible? I don’t want to do that until I know for sure. I don’t want to waste money on an acct I can’t use for RAF just because it was originally created about a month ago, but never used or logged into. I created it last patch, thinking RAF was going live at that time, but obviously it didn’t, so I just left it idle while waiting for RAF to go live.
I guess there’s no reason I can’t just create another account and be sure it’s eligible.


Time or not, it’s not eligible between 8 days and 2 years .

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If you’re not otherwise tied to that starter account, I’d say go ahead and ditch it. You can even remove it using a self-serve system here:

Then just use the RaF link and you should be good to go!


Ok, I have more questions, since I’m a RAF newbie…will my new acct also have access to allied races and can I create one of those to level along with me? Do I need to have them partied (I guess using some sort of multi-boxing program)? Will my new acct also have access to heirlooms? If they have to be partied, it’s my understanding that heirlooms and the 50% xp bonus do not stack.


Thanks for the link, Perl. No, I’m not tied to the starter account at all. Like I said, it’s never been used so there’s no reason to keep it. If I need another account in the future I can always create another.


If the Recruited WoW license is on the same Battle.net account you unlocked the Allied Race on, then yes, you should be able to use them. The Allied Race unlocks are Battle.net account wide, keep in mind that some Allied Races require the Battle for Azeroth expansion so you may need to upgrade if it is just a standard account.

If on the same Battle.net account.

No, Heirloom bonuses do not stack.