Racial Visuals for Priest


Nearly every race in the game can be a Priest, and nearly every race has its own distinct ‘priesthood’. The priest identity problem was put under a magnifying glass in Legion when the Order Hall had to be reduced down to having a LIght and Shadow side because the exhaustive task of representing each unique school of priesthood could only be done by showing off NPCs with the titles and appearances you might’ve expected.

It’s different for the Shamans and the Druids, though. Despite the fact that those classes are unified under mostly the same fantasy (druids belonging to the Cenarion Circle and Shamans belonging to Earthen Ring, both of which have been multi-racial groups since before they were prominent in Cataclysm).

If the races of Shaman and Druids can get race-specific visuals despite the fact the lore is hardly different from one another, it seems reasonable that there could be racial visuals for a class where nearly each race is distinct from one another. Just to lay it out:

Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Dark Iron Dwarf: Brotherhood of the Light
Night Elf: Priesthood of Elune
Draenei, Lightbound Draenei: Worship of the Naaru
Void Elf: Void Worship (no indication if they can even use the Light outside of game mechanics)
Troll/Zandalari: Loa Worship
Forsaken: Cult of the Forgotten Shadow
Tauren: Seers in reverence of An’she
Blood Elves: Purification by the Sunwell
Goblins: Brotherhood of Light or Church of Chance (no other distinct faith has ever been mentioned)
Pandaren: Reverence to the August Celestials

There doesn’t need to be racially unique spells like there were in Vanilla because those were a balancing nightmare, but some new visuals would be great. There’s an actual lore backing why these priests are different, it’d be nice if they felt different as well.

(Omnipotentjc) #2

Priests all draw their power from the same source as where as druids and shamans use their own power.

(Beli) #3

I’d love for the dwarf priest to derive power from the Titans rather than follow a human religion.

Before they introduced gnome priests, they had gnome NPCs in the pre-patch “experimenting” with healing magic. They access it in their own way. So I don’t think most Alliance races need to be locked into the human Brotherhood of the Light forever.

Race-specific visuals would be terrific. I always thought it was cool shamans had different totems and druids could shift into different forms. One thing I’ve thought would be super neat was if the dwarf’s Angel of Redemption form could be similar the brewmaiden, maybe tossing mugs as heals land. That kind of variation could be a nice place to start for all the priest races.


Priests of Elune and Priests of the Loa are not drawing their power from the same places as Draenei or Human priests.

(Omnipotentjc) #5

Pretty sure if you are a shadow, discipline or holy priest you aren’t either of those then.

(Aryys) #6

I think it would just be too big of an overhaul to give every faith/worship their own colored spells.

I’d be cool for sure, but I don’t think Blizzard would find it worth the resources.


What about Mag’har orcs? The racism is real lol


I guess they’re Naaru worshipers?

I honestly don’t know why Mag’har Priests exist.

(Aryys) #9

My assumption was purely because of Shadow, so you could play a Shadowmoon Orc. Similar to how Void Elves can be Priests simply because of Shadow, not the light.